30 Scrumptious Snacks From Around The World

5. Hokey Pokey Ice Cream - Auckland, New Zealand


Kiwis love their ice cream, seriously, they eat the most ice cream per capita in the world and every corner shop, restaurant, and newsagent sells it, with their favorite flavor being Hokey Pokey.

What this is, is extremely creamy vanilla ice cream filled with many tiny balls of caramel that gives you something to crunch on whilst licking away. It sounds so simple but darn is it good!

6. Spanakopita - Paphos, Cyprus


Tiny filo pastry parcels of oozing feta cheese, dripping through warm strands of spinach baked into a large pie or individual triangles of gooey goodness.

Ideal on their own or great for dipping in tzatziki these can be found across the island but particularly in restaurants in Paphos that have a real flair for them.

7. Baklava - Istanbul, Turkey

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If you haven't tried baklava then you haven't lived. Made with layers of filo pastry filled with chopped nuts and held together with honey, these bite-size pastries are typical of the cuisine of the Ottoman Empire and wow, are they good! They come in a selection of shapes and sizes and types of nuts and honey and syrups can vary.

There are three distinct types with Turkish, Greek and Lebanese recipes abound but they're that tasty that you may as well try them all.

  8. Okonomiyaki - Osaka, Japan


An egg and cabbage savory pancake with a name that literally translates as 'what you want' they can be filled with almost anything that takes your fancy.

This is the Japanese answer to the crepe, often battered, they can come in a roll or on a stick and make for great snacks on the go.

9. Dosa - Kerala, India


Across the whole state of Kerala you would be hard pressed to not find these giant crepes made of lentils and rice with the traditional filling being spicy potato.

You can, of course, get plenty of other innards for your dosa such as paneer or mint and if the regular sized ones seem a bit daunting the thattu dosa are smaller and far more manageable (but less fun).

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