30 Scrumptious Snacks From Around The World

Interest June 26, 2019 By Hugo

2. Mochi - Tokyo, Japan

Shutterstock/Pijar andani

Mochi cakes are fried rice cakes often in an array of flavors and colors and are somewhere between a doughnut and a macaroon. Sickly little bites that are chewy and often with a soft filled center, they come in flavors such a green tea and ice cream and are a staple of certain street food markets.

Some places in Tokyo have a robot server, much like the automated doughnut machines you sometimes see at the fair but what's more fun is if you see people pounding up the rice with a giant mallet in a large wooden bowl before shaping them themselves.

3. Churros - Barcelona, Spain


Deep fried choux pastry in long thin strands or knotted like a pretzel, and then dusted with either sugar or cinnamon, these breakfast treats are best served with chocolate dipping sauce with a steaming cup of milky coffee or hot chocolate.

You can find them across Barcelona being sold in markets, at sporting events or just by the roadside.

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