30 Scrumptious Snacks From Around The World

Interest June 26, 2019 By Hugo

Going abroad and trying out local cuisine is one of the most exciting things you can do on your travels as your palate is being exposed to exotic new flavors and experiences. Sometimes you can even spot a local street vendor in a faraway place an be transported into a world of heavenly tastes you didn't know existed!

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That's the magic of traveling, so for those who might want a little more excitement in their snacking options read on as we go through 30 treats from around the world that people chow down on when they're feeling the need to nosh.

1.  War Fries (Patatje Oorlog) - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Shutterstock/Natalia Deriabina

We can't possibly think of what would drive the desire for snacking in Amsterdam but, for some reason, there are so many great places to pick up decent eats and treats. One of the things closely associated with the city is thick cut fries that are often smothered in mayonnaise or lightly dusted with paprika but the real mastery of the humble fry comes from the delectable patatje oorlog, or war fries to those of you who aren't so up on your Dutch. These twice fried potato fries come layered with mayo and satay sauce and then topped off with chopped, fried onions.

Served in a cone, they are great on the go but can become a little messy if you're not paying attention. Totally worth it, though!

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