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30 Cool Forms Of Transportation In Different Parts Of The World

Published 9 months ago on June 17, 2019
By Hugo

6. Wicker Toboggan, Portugal

Shutterstock/Karol Kozlowski

On the Portuguese island of Madeira, residents of the capital, Funchal, have been using these wicker and wooden toboggans to hurtle down Monte Mountain since the 1850s.

Now they are used more as a tourist attraction as two people pilot it from the rear whilst you sit in the basket. It can be quite the experience since they have been known to hit speeds of 48kph.

7. Ojek, Indonesia

Shutterstock/Sarine Arslanian

The roads are so congested in parts of Bali, Indonesia that motorbikes are often preferred in order to weave in and out of the traffic. This is no different for the taxi system with scooters patrolling the streets and almost anyone who owns one being allowed to take a fare for a ride.

This has its pros and cons but it certainly does add something unique to Bali.

8. Bullet Train, Japan

Shutterstock/Sakarin Sawasdinaka

This super modern, super-fast train has become something of an icon of Japan showing off its ruthless efficiency and comfort at speeds of up to 320kph.

Barely noticeable unless you are seated by a window, it pulls away tremendously quickly and hurtles through the Japanese countryside in a smooth and peaceful manner putting many other train networks across the globe to shame.

9. Khlong Boats, Thailand


The water taxis of Bangkok transport commuters, tourists and produce through the canals of the city in these deceptively rapid riverboats.

In such a densely populated and hectic city, they offer a vital service that allows people to get away from the congested roads and still navigate the city.

10. Pulled Rickshaws, Japan


Once the most prominent mode of transport around Japan, pulled rickshaws have all but been outlawed both there and in many other countries due to the concerns of the welfare of the rickshaw drivers.

However, in the region of Asakusa, Tokyo they are allowed as a tourist attraction and keep part of the country's tradition and history alive.

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