30 Cool Forms Of Transportation In Different Parts Of The World

Interest June 17, 2019 By Hugo

From windy desert dunes to perilous sub-zero climates, the world is a unique mishmash of different surfaces. Some even require special and unique forms of transportation to help get passengers to their destinations. 

Shutterstock/Karol Kozlowski

Here we chronicle 30 of the world's most novel and unusual forms of transportation from around the world. 

1. Ice Angel, USA

Commuter Cat

There are around 21 small islands off the coast of mainland Wisconsin and only a few of those are inhabited.

Usually, getting between the islands is as simple as hopping on the ferry or, in the winter, a two-mile ice highway freezes over and is thick enough to drive on but during the in-between times, when the ice is thin, Ice Angels are employed to skate over the surface using air fans to propel them either over or through the ice.

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