30 Of America's Weirdest-Sounding Towns

10. Ty Ty, GA


For those with a rudimentary knowledge of text speak, ty ty is an acronym for "Thank you." So we thank you, good people, of Ty Ty, Georgia, for being so novel in your town's name.

But with little over 700 people, it remains to be seen if you'll see any of these locals. They're probably too busy being polite.

11. Volcano, HI


This funny inclusion reminds me of that scene in that so-bad-it's-good movie which sees Tommy Wiseau open a rooftop door and say, "Hi, Mark!" in the most monotone voice imaginable.


Well, that's the energy I get from Volcano, HI.

12. Santa, ID

Shutterstock/Roman Samborskyi

Asking Santa for his ID? Whatever next, Idaho? Changing your town's website name to Oh, right, they actually did that.

Aside from that brief name change in 2005, nothing much happens in the rural plains of Idaho, which is probably why they get inventive with their town names.

13. Bone Gap, IL


This funny-sounding town, like most places in America, probably has a lot of dogs, but the does it have a lot of bones?


Onto the next one.... 

14. Young America, IN

Shutterstock/ NTM

This sounds like a cool fictional town in a Netflix series that runs for one too many episodes, so much so that we can predict every line that comes out of the mouth of the misunderstood and highly misanthropic quarterback, Biff Douglas.

In reality, it's probably yet another town where dreams go to die.

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