30 Of America's Weirdest-Sounding Towns

Interest June 14, 2019 By Hugo

2. Deadhorse, AK

Shutterstock/Menno Schaefer

Alaska is undoubtedly one the most stunning, pastoral landscapes in the whole of the Americas, but it could perhaps do with changing the name of one of its towns.

Whilst few people live in Deadhorse, the eerie name, which quite frankly sounds like something out of a Stephen King novel, is mainly a short-term resting place for oil workers and the companies that operate nearby the Prudhoe Bay Oil Field.

3. Nothing, AZ

Shutterstock/ Gene Lower

Perhaps the most uninspired town name in America, this Arizona ghost town mostly attracts intrepid tourists.

Located in Eastern Mohave County, Arizona, the name is pretty apt in fairness so we can't knock it too much.

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