30 Of America's Weirdest-Sounding Towns

Published 1 year ago on June 14, 2019
By Hugo

From the humble McDonald's hamburger to the sun-kissed stars decorating our tv screens, America has given us many things over the years- but better than any of those things are these weird-sounding American towns.

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From Bacon to Deadhorse (yes, really), here are some of the weirdest-sounding towns across good ol' USA.

1. Bacon Level, AL


Bacon Level may not be the home for the World Bacon Frying Championships (unfortunately), but it is an unincorporated community around 3–4 miles southeast of Roanoke, in Randolph County, Alabama, United States.

A devoutly religious area, nearby churches include... wait for it.... Bacon Level Baptist Church. 

2. Deadhorse, AK

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Alaska is undoubtedly one the most stunning, pastoral landscapes in the whole of the Americas, but it could perhaps do with changing the name of one of its towns.

Whilst few people live in Deadhorse, the eerie name, which quite frankly sounds like something out of a Stephen King novel, is mainly a short-term resting place for oil workers and the companies that operate nearby the Prudhoe Bay Oil Field.

3. Nothing, AZ

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Perhaps the most uninspired town name in America, this Arizona ghost town mostly attracts intrepid tourists.

Located in Eastern Mohave County, Arizona, the name is pretty apt in fairness so we can't knock it too much.

4. Greasy Corner, AR


Greasy Corner can be found in the southern heartlands of St. Francis County, Arkansas, United States. 

While you can say what you want about the South, one thing they do better than most other Americans is that they make us laugh.

5. Forks of Salmon, CA


We're all prone to gobbling up a good-old dosage of omega-3s, but we're sure Forks of Salmon in sunny California would serve the freshest salmon we'd ever tasted.

In reality, this town isn't a place populated exclusively by salmon-lovers. The town is located nearby the confluence of the north and south forks of the Salmon River, hence the fishy name.

6. No Name, CO


If you want another peaceful place to drink away your sorrows you could always head to No Name.

If that proves boring you could always go to a town that has a name. But what would be the fun in that?

7. Hazardville, CT


Uh-oh, this place doesn't sound too safe. Oh, what's that I hear you say? It's in Connecticut? Oh, well, in that case, you're probably not going to run into too much "hazards."

Well, unless you have the misfortune of coming across a self-entitled bunch of rich kids in tweed jackets and yellow-striped jumpers.

8. Blue Ball, DE


Blue Ball (stop laughing) is a tiny little ol' town in New Castle County, Delaware located at the junction of U.S. Route 202, Delaware Route 141, and Delaware Route 261 north of Wilmington.

While there isn't too much to do here, we're sure the town is full of many frustrated males.

9. Fluffy Landing, FL


Unfortunately, Florida isn't the paradise postcards would have you believe. 

In actuality, the place is swamped by alligators, snakes, sharks, crazed weather, and Jeb Bush. 

10. Ty Ty, GA


For those with a rudimentary knowledge of text speak, ty ty is an acronym for "Thank you." So we thank you, good people, of Ty Ty, Georgia, for being so novel in your town's name.

But with little over 700 people, it remains to be seen if you'll see any of these locals. They're probably too busy being polite.

11. Volcano, HI


This funny inclusion reminds me of that scene in that so-bad-it's-good movie which sees Tommy Wiseau open a rooftop door and say, "Hi, Mark!" in the most monotone voice imaginable.


Well, that's the energy I get from Volcano, HI.

12. Santa, ID

Shutterstock/Roman Samborskyi

Asking Santa for his ID? Whatever next, Idaho? Changing your town's website name to Oh, right, they actually did that.

Aside from that brief name change in 2005, nothing much happens in the rural plains of Idaho, which is probably why they get inventive with their town names.

13. Bone Gap, IL


This funny-sounding town, like most places in America, probably has a lot of dogs, but the does it have a lot of bones?


Onto the next one.... 

14. Young America, IN

Shutterstock/ NTM

This sounds like a cool fictional town in a Netflix series that runs for one too many episodes, so much so that we can predict every line that comes out of the mouth of the misunderstood and highly misanthropic quarterback, Biff Douglas.

In reality, it's probably yet another town where dreams go to die.

15. What Cheer, IA


Cheer isn't known for tone-deaf cheerleaders, but it is known as one of America's great mining towns of the Mid West in Keokuk County, Iowa.

From the 1870s to the early 1900s, many people flocked there for work. By 1890 it had a recorded population of 3,246. Today that number has fallen to 646. 

16. Neutral, KS

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This town doesn't sound very fun, does it? Who wants to be neutral in an age of Brexit, Trump and democratic socialism? The people of Neutral, Kansas, that's who.

As a news organisation, we are neutral and unbiased, ourselves. Want to be friends, Neutral?

17. Hell for Certain, KY

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The odds of a fiery afterlife may be lowered if you happen to be born in this hellish stop-gap.

Located in Kentucky, the area shows no signs of the Devil, but it has been used extensively for its coal.

18. Book, LA

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If ever there was a bookworm paradise, then this name would be rather apt.

Unfortunately, you can't live in the local library. 

19. Friendship, ME

Shutterstock/ Everett Collection

There have been some crazy names on this list, but one which isn't crazy at all and is refreshingly nice is the small town of Friendship, Maine.

One of the most pastoral, and least-populated states in America. this place is an idyllic, small-town utopia. How do we know? Because it has a frickin' Friendship Museum.

20. Accident, MD


Accident is another town in Maine that was probably named by Stephen King when he found out that scaring people was best achieved in sparsely-populated towns.

Located in Garrett County, Maryland, United States, the population was recorded at 325 at the 2010 census. A book about the town, written by Paul Dickson, revealed that the town is the only place in the United States named Accident. Locals are also called "Accidental". You learn something new every day.

21. Satan's Kingdom, MA

Shutterstock/ Kiselev Andrey Valerevich

Another Satanic-inspired name on our list doesn't make for promising reading, does it? All fatalism aside, this place seems at odds with the Devil's love of all things hot, but Massachusetts does has warm summers.

Warm enough to top up the Devil's lobster tan, at least. 

22. White Pigeon, MI


White Pigeon.... whatever next? White toilet? We're kidding of course. White Pigeon is far from a dump. It actually gets its name from the Potawatomi chief Wahbememe. 

As Larry David would say, "Pretty good."

23. Bear Dance, MT

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Bear Dance is a pretty unsurprising name in the grander scheme of things when you consider that it is named after a census-designated place in Lake County, Montana, United States.

The population was 275 at the 2010 census. The population of bears lurking nearby is probably ten times that.

24. FUNK, NE


And the coolest name so far goes to.... Yep, I've never even heard of this place and I'm already tempted to throw away my holiday to Jamaica to visit this place instead and get groovy with the locals.

Wait:  Funk isn't a party enclave in a hippie commune? No, it's just a village in Phelps County, Nebraska, United States, population 194. On second thought, Jamaica's supposed to be nice in July.

25. Scotty’s Junction, NV


This town's name has to be the douchiest-sounding in the whole of America. Scotty's Junction, really? But hey, it's in Nevada so are we shocked?


26. Buttzville, NJ

Shutterstock/ bona_natty

I like towns called Buttzville, and I can not lie. All the other's in New Jersey can't deny that I like.... Okay, we'll stop. 

At least you finally have a reason to visit New Jersey, though.

27. Horseheads, NY


Ever had a friend with an elongated face who boasts magisterial beauty befitting of a well-maintained racehorse?

Heck, I'm sure you'll find many of those folks in Horseheads, NY. Oh, come on, why the long face? It's only a joke.

28. Boogertown, NC

Shutterstock/Olena Yakobchuk

Okay, so we're getting pretty close to the end now, and with names like these, you have to forgive us.

Boogertown, NC....what were you thinking?!

29. Flasher, ND

Shutterstock/Daria Minaeva

Okay, so this one is just damn right creepy, so if you want our advice if you ever visit this place, avoid a trench coat at all costs.

You don't want them getting the wrong idea.

30. Hooker, SD


Let's be honest: South Dakota is a flyover state with little else but flat farmland grazed by bored cows, so it's always nice to add a bit of gloss and publicity to these places by reporting on... well, the weird name of one of their towns.

Yes, for people of Hooker, South Dakota, they've probably heard the same gags over and over which makes us feel a little bad. But Hooker?! Lord, help us.


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