30 Of America's Weirdest-Sounding Towns

Interest June 14, 2019 By Hugo

From the humble McDonald's hamburger to the sun-kissed stars decorating our tv screens, America has given us many things over the years- but better than any of those things are these weird-sounding American towns.

Shutterstock/ Gene Lower

From Bacon to Deadhorse (yes, really), here are some of the weirdest-sounding towns across good ol' USA.

1. Bacon Level, AL


Bacon Level may not be the home for the World Bacon Frying Championships (unfortunately), but it is an unincorporated community around 3–4 miles southeast of Roanoke, in Randolph County, Alabama, United States.

A devoutly religious area, nearby churches include... wait for it.... Bacon Level Baptist Church. 

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