35 Awe-Inspiring Sports Stars From Around The World

5. Yusra Mardini @mardiniysra

Fleeing a war-torn Syria that is currently caught up in a bloody conflict between its president and rebel forces, whilst part of the country is controlled by terrorist organization Isis. At just 17 years old Yusra has seen many great tragedies and managed to flee to neighboring Turkey. In an attempt to get to mainland Greece via boat, the motor cut out and she had to swim the rest of the distance in perilous seas.

Once there she made it to Germany where her swimming ability impressed and she was selected to compete in the 200m freestyle swimming as part of Team Refugees.

6. J.J. Watt @jjwatt

After Hurricane Harvey devastated the homes and lives of many people in the city he plies his trade in, the Houston Texans defensive end set up a fundraiser which raised over $37m for victims of the disaster, but to many observers, it wasn't a surprise. 

After all, the star football player has thrown himself into a number of projects outside football for many years, and he's often praised for his sincerity and compassionate personality. 

Like Andrew Luck, J.J. Watt doesn't appear to be interested in the material aspects of his fame, and he's simply determined to be a better person. But if you needed more convincing of this guy's niceness, then we encourage you to click here and watch a video of Watt surprising his elementary school teacher.

7. Manny Pacquiao

Shutterstock/FARYSA HAMZAH

While the Filipino boxer lost a number of endorsements following his controversial views on gay relationships, which he claimed conflicts with his Catholic faith, the boxer is still a consummate professional- at least in the field of boxing.

Unlike his fierce, braggadocious boxing rival Floyd "Money" Mayweather, Pacquiao is known to have donated a large majority of his earnings to charitable causes and is now a senator in his native Philippines.

8. Kevin Durant

Shutterstock/ Oleksiy Naumov

One of the NBA's most prized players, Durant is widely considered one of the world's best basketball players, with his dunking and three-throwing abilities second to none. But as well as possessing exceptional talents that only the likes of Lebron James and Stephen Curry can better, Durant prefers to stay away from the more glamorous side of the game and that's likely because of his strict faith.

A proud Christian, Durant was baptized by Hillsong Church Pastor Carl Lentz in 2013 and credits his faith with keeping him grounded. "When people tell me I’m great, I remind myself that I can always be better. Humility comes before honor,” Durant said.  

9. Andy Murray

Shutterstock/ Leonard Zhukovsky

If the three-time grand slam tennis champion Andy Murray happened to be competing in any other era, he'd likely have won every slam going. Yet with Nadal, Federer- and in more recent years, Novak Djokovic- dominating the men's game, Murray has often found himself playing 4th best, but the fact he's won three slams is still a monumental achievement considering the incredible competition.

Despite his on-court brilliance, he's remained humble throughout his career and has never cared for the glitz and glamour that comes from being a world-class tennis player, so much so that he even returned a bright red Ferrari because he didn't like the attention it attracted. Instead, he traded it in for a practical VW Golf, the same car he learned to drive in.

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