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35 Awe-Inspiring Sports Stars From Around The World

Published 9 months ago on June 13, 2019
By Hugo

Whether it's shedding a few pounds or simply putting on a bit of juicy, lean muscle, we can all do with a gentle nudge in the right direction when it comes to getting in shape so why not get inspired by these incredible athletes?

Shutterstock/ Oleksiy Naumov

They've proved time and time again that peak physicality leads not only to better performance in their respective fields but also improved mental well-being. Here are 35 incredible athletes from around the world that will inspire you to do great things wherever you are! 

1. Roger Federer 

Shutterstock/ Leonard Zhukovsky

Long dubbed the Greatest, Roger Federer is quite simply a phenomenon. Holding the male record for the number of grand slam singles titles (20), the Swiss ace is by far the most popular player on the ATP Tour, not only for his on-court prowess but also for the way he conducts himself off it.

He's a bastion of charitable causes and was one of the leading players to suggest decreasing the prize money for the winner's of prestigious tournaments so it could be redistributed more evenly to the player's who typically crash out in the earlier rounds. He's also got a natural grace about him, and it's for these reasons- among many others- that the Swiss superstar was voted the ATP's Fan Favourite for an unprecedented 17th year running. 

2. Andrew Luck

Shutterstock/ Debby Wong

When news broke that college superstar Andrew Luck was to be drafted into the NFL, a TMZ hound couldn't believe he was speaking to someone on an age-old flip phone. But that's just the guy Luck is. He isn't your typical baller. He's not ostentatious, and he doesn't care about material possessions. He's just a humble man who possesses an incredible gift for football.

If you walked past him in the street and didn't have a knowledge of football, you wouldn't for one second think that the Indianapolis Colt's QB was the highest paid player in the NFL, but maybe that's what makes this man so great. Despite achieving the dreams of many guys, he's remained true to his values and good-guy personality, and in a league full of obnoxious, boastful athletes, Luck's success is much-welcomed, even if fellow baller Rodney Hudson described his niceness as "weird."

Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman was more complimentary, describing Luck as the "nicest guy you'd ever meet in your life."

3. Kieran Behan

Shutterstock/ The 42

Having a benign tumor removed from his leg at the age of just 10 Kieran was told he would never walk again and would be forever wheelchair bound. However, he made an improbable recovery, he sustained a head injury that once again put him in a wheelchair for two years. He went on to train in gymnastics but in 2010 he snapped his right cruciate ligament.

Shortly after returning from rehab, he suffered the same injury in his left knee. Undeterred by these adversities, Kieran is once again competing for Ireland.

4. Sarah Attar


One of only two female athletes that competed for Saudi Arabia in 2012, she finished last in the women's 800m race but received a standing ovation from the crowd. Female competitors for Saudi Arabia must train abroad as they can't do so by law in their home country.

Saudi Arabia had four women competing for them at 2016's Rio Olympics. 

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