Extremely Rare "Golden" Salamander Discovered In China

Interest June 11, 2019 By Hugo

It was like any other day in Central China's Hubei Province when a rare golden salamander was fished from the water.

Rumble/ Newsflare

The extraordinary clip was captured in a Shiyan City river and shows the two-year-old golden salamander in the palms of an unnamed man.

The amphibians take on the mould of a lizard as their slender bodies, blunt snouts, and short limbs draw many similarities to the desert-dwelling creature. Most are of a greyish/black variety and are not naturally golden.

In the case of this rare find, which has since been named Da Ni, its color was likely the result of a gene mutation.

A local businessman said: "I have run a salamander business for 16 years and seen more than 1.5 million salamanders. This is the only survivor that I've seen of five golden-coloured salamanders caused by gene mutation."

The golden sea creature- like all other salamanders- weighs around 0.3 kg and is a protected species in China.

Watch the remarkable find in the video below and let us known in the comments if you've come across anything similar!

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