30 Of The Friendliest Cities In The World

Interest April 5, 2019 By Hugo


Shutterstock/ ajlatan

Jamaica is very much synonymous with good vibes, sunshine and plenty of smiles, so it's little wonder people seek all these things and more by booking a stay in one of the Carribean island's many seafront hotels.

There are also many hidden delights, one of which is Pelican Bar on St Elizabeth Island. Just a short boat journey from mainland Jamaica brings you to St Elizabeth Island, where you'll find the floating Pelican Bar. Once a resting place for local fisherman, the bar has since been transformed into one of Jamaica's foremost attractions. A refreshing beer and their signature lobster curry is a must.

26.  Lisbon 


The Mediterranean climate of Lisbon makes it sunnier and milder than many other places at this time of year so you can amble amongst the city's charming and historic streets and parklands quite comfortably but now with the added bonus of it being chestnut season where the street vendors sell them roasted by the bag as a great walking snack.

A hilly, coastal capital, there is plenty to see and do outdoors for those looking at getting some leg work in.

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