30 Of The Friendliest Cities In The World

26.  Lisbon 


The Mediterranean climate of Lisbon makes it sunnier and milder than many other places at this time of year so you can amble amongst the city's charming and historic streets and parklands quite comfortably but now with the added bonus of it being chestnut season where the street vendors sell them roasted by the bag as a great walking snack.

A hilly, coastal capital, there is plenty to see and do outdoors for those looking at getting some leg work in.

25Bangkok mania

The backpacker's destination of choice, Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and is known for catering to party people looking to not spend too much money whilst still trying to dive headfirst into a different culture. Being close to Australia and other Asian countries, its price and focus on tourism bring in big crowds from across the globe who seek.

Ancient temples and stunning natural scenery are juxtaposed with welcoming locals and a wild nightlife scene with cheap and cheerful street vendors, making Bangkok one of the most visited destinations in the world.

24. Cusco


The ancient Peruvian city of Cusco has an array of ancient ruins from the Inca years and is just a 3-hour train journey from the South American country's most popular attraction: Machu Picchu.

Once considered the capital of the Inca Empire, Cusco may now play second fiddle to Lima in the capital stakes, but it proves far more popular with tourists thanks to its friendly locals, impressive archaeological remains and cultural attractions that melt together in a delightful hotpot within the central square of Plaza de Armas.


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Famed for its quaint walkways, colorful townhouses, and sun-dappled canals, Amsterdam is a city that manages to remain cultural and picturesque while also maintaining a welcoming vibe.

As well as its marijuana cafes and famous Red Light District, Holland's capital is also home to some of Europe's most prestigious universities which attract thousands of international students which as you can probably imagine, leads to one amazing party scene. As a city with a love for deep house, music venues are plentiful, with many open most days of the week. However, those of a more chilled disposition can take comfort in the vast array of bars and restaurants that are often in unusual locations such as De Kas, which is located in an old greenhouse.

22. Savannah, Georgia, USA

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The American South is awash with unique selling points and the beautiful town of Savannah in the state of Georgia is no exception. Used as a filming location for romantic films like the Nicholas Sparks' tearjerker The Last Song and the much famed Tom Hank's movie, Forest Gump, Savannah's sun-drenched walkways and abundant supply of Spanis Moss trees ornately decorate much of this coastal city.

Not only this but Savannah's beaches are some of America's best. Merge this with its antebellum architecture, world-class BBQ joints and all-round goodness of its locals, and you have a city that is one of America's best-kept secrets.

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