30 Of The Friendliest Cities In The World

Interest April 5, 2019 By Hugo

29. Ireland


Britain's noisy neighbor is known for being one of the friendliest places on Earth, with affable locals across the country known for talking for hours on end. But the luck of the Irish extends far beyond their stunning coastal clifftops, bucolic countryside and charming locals. 

In terms of access to higher education, Ireland always performs well. While its young people deal with unprecedented economic woes, they are still able to attend strong colleges and universities, which can often be unavailable to those from other parts of Europe owing to the sky-high costs of further education.

28. San Fransisco

Shutterstock/ canadastock

Regularly viewed as America's most liberal city, San Fransisco's energetic buzz- whether it be from the various downtown gay clubs or the creative going-ons in Silicon Valley- is certainly unique.  And it's not only the iconic Golden Gate Bridge that makes San Fransisco dazzle.

As well its open-mindedness and tolerance to people of all origins and faiths, the forward-thinking city boasts a spectacular coastline, not to mention being a short drive away from Napa Valley, where you can spend your days tasting wine in the sun or soaking up the California rays in the various hot springs. Admittedly, that plays a large part in San Fransisco's cost of living being almost 36% more expensive than the nearby city of Los Angeles, but with lower crime rates and fewer people to shout at, it seems a price worth paying.

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