30 Of The Friendliest Cities In The World

Part of the joy of travel is meeting new people and getting to know a new culture through experience. Sometimes this can be harder though when people are less approachable or don't socialize as much as you are used to.

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Fortunately, studies such as The Sociable Cities study do a lot of the work for us and let us know which cities are more open to tourists and strangers than others by analyzing the social behavior and attitudes of over 12,000 residents from 39 major cities in 28 countries. We've also done a bit of research ourselves and added a few more cities that weren't included in the actual survey but that are acknowledged among travellers to be full of welcoming, helpful locals.

Here are some of the friendliest cities around.

30. New Orleans

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Louisiana's febrile city has returned to its former glory following the devastation left behind from Hurrican Katrina. Now once more synonymous with its carnivalesque atmosphere, French colonial architecture and historic jazz clubs, New Orleans is all-welcoming and a truly unique place on Earth.

Argubally America's party capital, you'll be hard pressed to walk down the famous French Quarter and not find at least one person smiling back at you with complete warmth and sincerity.

29. Ireland


Britain's noisy neighbor is known for being one of the friendliest places on Earth, with affable locals across the country known for talking for hours on end. But the luck of the Irish extends far beyond their stunning coastal clifftops, bucolic countryside and charming locals. 

In terms of access to higher education, Ireland always performs well. While its young people deal with unprecedented economic woes, they are still able to attend strong colleges and universities, which can often be unavailable to those from other parts of Europe owing to the sky-high costs of further education.

28. San Fransisco

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Regularly viewed as America's most liberal city, San Fransisco's energetic buzz- whether it be from the various downtown gay clubs or the creative going-ons in Silicon Valley- is certainly unique.  And it's not only the iconic Golden Gate Bridge that makes San Fransisco dazzle.

As well its open-mindedness and tolerance to people of all origins and faiths, the forward-thinking city boasts a spectacular coastline, not to mention being a short drive away from Napa Valley, where you can spend your days tasting wine in the sun or soaking up the California rays in the various hot springs. Admittedly, that plays a large part in San Fransisco's cost of living being almost 36% more expensive than the nearby city of Los Angeles, but with lower crime rates and fewer people to shout at, it seems a price worth paying.


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Jamaica is very much synonymous with good vibes, sunshine and plenty of smiles, so it's little wonder people seek all these things and more by booking a stay in one of the Carribean island's many seafront hotels.

There are also many hidden delights, one of which is Pelican Bar on St Elizabeth Island. Just a short boat journey from mainland Jamaica brings you to St Elizabeth Island, where you'll find the floating Pelican Bar. Once a resting place for local fisherman, the bar has since been transformed into one of Jamaica's foremost attractions. A refreshing beer and their signature lobster curry is a must.

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