TripAdvisor's Top 25 Destinations of 2019 & 5 Notable Absentees

21. Hurghada

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A popular beach resort spanning some 40km along Egypt’s scintillating Red Sea coast, Hurghada draws tourists not only for the sun and sea but the numerous scuba diving shops that dotted along the coastline.

There are also countless high-end hotels, restaurants, bars and nightclubs whilst those looking for a more authentic slice of Egypt can make the short journey to El Dahar, where many Egyptian coffee shops and souks are located.

20. Jaipur

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India is a country filled with ancient culture and various religions living side by side. But as long as there has been religion, there have been monuments and temples, and Jaipur certainly has no shortage of these. Take a look around anywhere in the sub-continent, and you'll find one on almost every street.

From the City and Amber Palaces to the crimson sandstones of Hawa Mahal, Jaipur is yet another mystical jewel in India's fabled empire.

19. Kathmandu


Long attracting the more intrepid adventurer, the country was hit by earthquakes in 2015 and travelers have since been reluctant to return. However, the capital has seen a welcome spike in tourists. 

While getting lost in the natural landscape of the mountainous regions is proving less popular, adventure trails are still advertised and run through the country for mountaineers and trekkers alike while ancient Buddhist temples crop up in the towns, cities and remote rural areas of this tiny nation.

18. Lisbon 


The Mediterranean climate of Lisbon makes it sunnier and milder than many other places at this time of year so you can amble amongst the city's charming and historic streets and parklands quite comfortably but now with the added bonus of it being chestnut season where the street vendors sell them roasted by the bag as a great walking snack.

A hilly, coastal capital, there is plenty to see and do outdoors for those looking at getting some leg work in.

17. Playa del Carmen

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With sand as white as powder and sea water bluer than Brad Pitt's eyes, this stretch of Caribbean shoreline is something special. The state of Quintana Roo is also a hotbed of febrile, feel-good activity, decorated with palm-lined beaches and coral reefs.

Once you've finished topping up your tan, you can spend your nights in the various restaurants and bars that line the stunning shoreline.

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