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30 Of The World's Most Dangerous Beaches

Published 1 year ago on March 29, 2019
By Hugo

A trip to the beach typically involves lounging in a deck chair, swimming in the fresh sea water and topping up your tan. However, some beaches can potentially do more harm than good. From lurking sharks to stinging jellyfish and tidal waves, the world's most dangerous beaches may well cost you your life.

Shutterstock/Matyas Rehak

Here are 30 beaches that should be avoided at all costs.

1. Reunion Island- France

Shutterstock/Balate Dorin

Whilst the tropical French paradise Reunion Island looks like any other magical paradise, this popular surfing destination has seen a spate of shark attacks in recent years. In fact, there have been 20 since 2011.

Unfortunatley, 8 of these attacks resulted in death, the most recent coming in February 2017. 

2. Fraser Island- Australia

Shutterstock/Taras Vyshnya

Australian beaches are known for being both the height of luxury and among some of the most dangerous in the world and Fraser Island is no exception to this. The ecotourism beach is a premier Queensland destination despite its many dangers.

To unruly waves, strong currents, circling sharks and poisonous jellyfish, venturing into the clear blue waters may seem tempting, but it's worth staying well within the shallow end because of the many dangers this beach has. But staying on dry land isn't entirely safe either. The dingo, a common wild dog, often roam in packs and have been known to attack beach-goers.

3. Gansbaai (South Africa) - Sharks

Shutterstock/Alessandro De Maddalena

This favourite beach hangout in Cape Town isn't far from the infamous Shark Alley, a thin channel within two offshore islands known for its abundance of white sharks.

Whilst this sounds like a perfectly reasonable excuse for the entire human race never to set foot here, many thrill-seekers and divers flock here in the search of seeing these feared ocean predators.

4. Hanakapiai Beach, Hawaii

Shutterstock/ Adam Springer

Hawaii is cartoonishly beautiful, with a phantasmagorical landscape like no other. But it is not without its dangers.

The Hawaiian island of Kauai is home to Hanakapiai Beach, another paradise island. However, with rip-roaring currents that have been known to drag the most able of swimmers far from the shore, it should be of little surprise that over 30 swimmers have drowned on the island since 1970.

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