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30 Sleeping Tips For Regular Travelers

Published 1 year ago on March 25, 2019
By Hugo

10. Eyemask and Earplugs


Although not the most fashionable items, they will block out most light and sound and do a pretty solid job of helping you drift off.

Eyemasks are great if you are a sensitive sleeper and on planes, even those blessed with natural sleeping abilities can feel annoyed at anaemic light, so it's worth investing in one- even if you do end up looking like your 92-year-old grandmother.

11. Avoid Naps


If traveling to a new time zone, it is best to avoid an afternoon nap on arrival and just wait it out until bedtime.

It may be hard going, but your body clock will thank you for it later.

12. Stay On Home Time For Short Trips


If going away for less than 48 hours then stay on home time where possible and it will be easier to assimilate back into normal life once you return.

This should usually do the trick.

13. Request A Room Away From Busy Areas

Shutterstock/ PinkyWinky

When you reach your hotel, you can request a room away from dining areas or where most of the activity happens.

Unless fully booked, most hotels will happily oblige.

14. Bring A Good Book


There's a reason many of us read at night: it makes us sleepy. We are working then cognitive parts of our brain and putting it through the motions. If you are always on your phone, the receptors in your mind are only going to be alerted by the panging glow from the screen.

So come armed with newspapers and magazines or even a good novel. 

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