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30 Sleeping Tips For Regular Travelers

Published 1 year ago on March 25, 2019
By Hugo

5. Wear Loose Fitting, Comfortable Clothing

Shutterstock/ MRProduction

Never underestimate the advantages of loose, comfortable clothing. We're not suggesting you change into pajamas on your flight (although, if there's somewhere to change, why not?) but the looser the fit the more likely you are to drift off.

However, we still recommend compression socks if on a long haul flight to ward off DVT.

6. Buckle Up and Make It Obvious

Shutterstock/ pressmaster

You have to have your seatbelt buckled for take-off and landing anyway, and it is recommended you stay belted up throughout the flight anyway, but at certain points, attendants will check you've got your belt fastened. 

If they can't see it, they will wake you up to ask you to do so. 

7. Hydration

Shutterstock/ casther

Making sure you are hydrated will give you a better rest so try and avoid caffeinated and alcoholic drinks and have plenty of liquids when you can.

Although not too many as you don't want to be woken up by needing the toilet.

8. Turn Off Screens

Shutterstock/ pimpan

There is always a temptation to catch up on missed TV shows, check emails or watch a film on the first few hours of a flight but if you can avoid this, you will be better off in terms of sleep.

This is because the light given off by screens tends to keep your brain awake.

9. Travel Pillows

Shutterstock/ Syda Productions

These aren't for everybody as some people really dislike them, but if you've never tried one, then it is worth giving it a go.

They offer head and neck support and stop strains in the neck from sleeping at an awkward angle.

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