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30 Sleeping Tips For Regular Travelers

Published 1 year ago on March 25, 2019
By Hugo

We all love going to new places, and exploring new cultures, but a lot of the time we travel for work purposes, which can often mean we have to travel more than we'd like. And with an increasing number of people regularly flying around the world for commerce purposes, getting enough sleep can sometimes prove hard and can mess with our sleep patterns and behaviors.

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Here we identify 30 top-tips to help you get the rest you need even when you're on the go.

1. Book An Executive Lounge

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If you can afford it, or if it's on the business account, book an executive lounge. It takes you away from the busy terminal and into a separate lounge where things are calmer, quieter and just a bit more relaxing and many have their own dedicated sleeping areas where you can catch some shut-eye.

It also allows you to experience some luxury rather than having to grab a cold coffee and an overpriced bottle of water.

2. Find A Group


If you are in the terminal and need to nap, find a group of other napping travelers as this means you are less likely to be disturbed as well as finding safety in numbers.

If there are more people about, you are less likely to have bags or other items go 'missing', you should, however, always be aware of yourself and your belongings.

3. Set Alarms & Write Notes


Set an alarm for, at least, 30 minutes before your flight's departure time so that you can adjust and orientate yourself and get to the plane without having to rush.

Also, write notes to stick on you or put by you asking people to wake you up at a said time if you don't hear your alarm. This does actually work as most people are quite obliging and airport staff tend to be very aware of this.

4. Book The Best Seats You Can


To get the best rest you can, you want comfort and quiet so try and book the best seats.

If you can, then go for business or first class (or whatever that carriers version of these are), but if these are out of reach, the next best options are the 'premium' economy seats that are usually near the bulkhead but consider what is best for your needs.

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