30 Ways You Can Save The Planet By Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

5. Think About Your Mileage

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Reducing the mileage of the average new car from 15,000 to 10,000 miles a year will save more than a ton of CO2, about 15% of the average person’s footprint.

However, if you are running an old banger, don't rush out to buy a new car.

6. Don't Upgrade Unless Necessary

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A lot of electrical goods use up more energy in their production than they do in their lifetime. Apple says 80% of the carbon footprint of a new laptop comes from manufacturing and distribution, not use in the home and this applies to many other appliances as well.

So by maintaining a product and using it sparingly, you are far greener than those who constantly buy new.

7. Switch From Halogen To LED

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 LEDs (light-emitting diodes) have become cheap and effective. and are a great alternative to halogen lamps which use up a serious amount of energy. It makes good financial and carbon sense to replace as many halogen bulbs as possible with their LED equivalent because the latter should last at least 10 years, meaning you avoid the hassle of buying new halogen bulbs every few months.

Your CO2 footprint will fall, and you will rely on less energy.

8. Consider Carefully When Buying Home Appliances

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When buying a new fridge or tumble dryer, be careful when considering what one you are going to go for and always assume cheap means low energy, sometimes there is a premium to being energy conscious. Frequent use will also add to your carbon footprint so if it's a warm day think about hanging the washing out rather than tumbling it. 

It is little things like that that all add up to make a huge difference.

9. Consume Less

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Buy less stuff, and less energy will be used as fewer products, less packaging, less transport for shipping and less waste will be produced. For example, a suit made of wool may have a carbon impact equivalent to your home’s electricity use for a month.

Buy what you need and cut down on non-vital shopping and it will make a world of difference.

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