30 Ways You Can Save The Planet By Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Telling people about the imminent, all-too-real dangers of climate change can often feel like talking to a brick wall. It isn't always that people aren't interested, it's usually because they haven't the time to sit and talk about the biggest macro issue of our time when their micro concerns, such as income, family and personal goals seem more pressing- and that's perfectly normal.

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However, you don't have to let go of everything you know and love to make a positive impact on helping the planet. It is the little things across the globe that all add up and make a massive difference. And in an age where it is vital we cut down on our waste and become more environmentally conscious, we look at a few ways you can cut down on your carbon footprint.

Here are 30 examples.

1. Reduce Air Travel

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Air travel is usually a person's largest component of their carbon footprint, especially for frequent flyers. The advent of cheap airfares and low-cost airlines has meant that travel has become more accessible to many millions of people, but the environmental impact is quite drastic.

That is not to say stop traveling and exploring the world but consider your options as trains are far more environmentally friendly or just by taking a few fewer flights.

2. Eat Less Meat

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Cows and sheep emit large quantities of methane, a powerful global warming gas, and large swathes of forestland (which helps reduce CO2) is often cut down and cleared for the production of these animals and to increase farmland. By shifting to a less meat orientated diet, you can seriously impact your carbon footprint.

A vegan diet might make as much as a 20% difference to your overall carbon impact but simply cutting out beef will deliver a significant benefit on its own. Why not check out our article on it for more information by clicking here.

3. Insulation

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We're talking about heating your home here. Poorly insulated houses take a tremendous amount of energy to keep warm and just by properly insulating your attic or filling your cavity wall you can really cut down on your energy usage and this is also good for saving a bit of money over time.

By investing in insulating your house, you will save money over the long run by cutting down on your energy bills which will also produce less carbon.

4. Update Your Boiler

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Old gas and oil boilers are often extremely wasteful and even if it is working well, it is worth considering updating it if it is 15+ years old as your fuel use may fall by a third or more, repaying the cost in lower fuel bills.

This is just another example of how environmentalism can also save you money.

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