30 Times Animals Came To The Rescue Of Humans

Interest March 19, 2019 By Hugo

2. Dolphins To The Rescue

Shutterstock/Willyam Bradberry & YouTube/otbsurfshop

Dolphins have been known over the years to help humans in need, and this was yet another heartwarming story proving that dolphins are among the friendliest creatures on Earth. Indeed, dolphins aiding humans in times of distress is nothing new, but Todd Endris's story made headline news after a near-death experience with a shark.

Just wanting to catch some waves, Endris's love for surfing almost cost him his life after he found himself at the cruel grip of a Great White shark. Endris recalled that it was like "trying to fight a car" as he attempted to wriggle free and were it not for a timely intervention from a pack of dolphins, Todd could easily have perished. The dolphins formed a barrier between him and the shark which allowed Todd to swim safely back to shore.

3. Dory Saves A Life

This story is pretty remarkable for many reasons. When Simon Steggall had a cardiac arrest in the living room, you'd think it would be his wife- a trained paramedic- that would have come to his aid. But it was actually their pet rabbit Dory. 

Coming to his rescue when his wife was in the kitchen, Dory sensed that Simon wasn't well- he was actually having a diabetic reaction. Dory subsequently pounced on top of him continuously until Victoria noticed the erratic behavior and came back into the living room. After trying to rouse her husband with no luck, she called an ambulance and Simon was soon brought back to health.

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