30 Times Animals Came To The Rescue Of Humans

Published 1 year ago on March 19, 2019
By Hugo

Animals are remarkable and continue to fascinate us despite the human race responsible for the destruction of half of the world's wildlife in the last 40 years. Yes, despite the continued pressures we put on their lifestyle and environments animals continue to get on with things and love us unconditionally and in some cases that includes wild animals.

Here are 30 incredible stories of animals that came to the aid of humans. 

1. Khan Does Battle With A Snake

The Pet Info

Khan the Doberman Pinscher had only been a member of his human family for two days when he came to the rescue of the youngest member in the clan. Charlotte, the toddler, was out playing in the backyard of her family home when mother Catherine noticed that her daughter had been tossed into the air by Khan.

Coming to her daughter's aid, she soon realized that Khan had done this to protect Charlotte from a King Brown snake that had been lurking nearby. The snake attacked poor Khan, but if it had attacked Charlotte as well, it would have been fatal. Thankfully, Khan's bites were treated promptly, and a dose of anti-venom treatment allowed him to make a speedy recovery.

2. Dolphins To The Rescue

Shutterstock/Willyam Bradberry & YouTube/otbsurfshop

Dolphins have been known over the years to help humans in need, and this was yet another heartwarming story proving that dolphins are among the friendliest creatures on Earth. Indeed, dolphins aiding humans in times of distress is nothing new, but Todd Endris's story made headline news after a near-death experience with a shark.

Just wanting to catch some waves, Endris's love for surfing almost cost him his life after he found himself at the cruel grip of a Great White shark. Endris recalled that it was like "trying to fight a car" as he attempted to wriggle free and were it not for a timely intervention from a pack of dolphins, Todd could easily have perished. The dolphins formed a barrier between him and the shark which allowed Todd to swim safely back to shore.

3. Dory Saves A Life

This story is pretty remarkable for many reasons. When Simon Steggall had a cardiac arrest in the living room, you'd think it would be his wife- a trained paramedic- that would have come to his aid. But it was actually their pet rabbit Dory. 

Coming to his rescue when his wife was in the kitchen, Dory sensed that Simon wasn't well- he was actually having a diabetic reaction. Dory subsequently pounced on top of him continuously until Victoria noticed the erratic behavior and came back into the living room. After trying to rouse her husband with no luck, she called an ambulance and Simon was soon brought back to health.

4. Porpoises

Shutterstock/ blackrabbit3 & Wikimedia Commons

All these stories are Hollywood worthy, but this one literally is. Yes, when the legendary actor Dick Van Dyke was catching some rays and waves on his surfboard, he somehow fell asleep! And if it wasn't for a team of diligent porpoises, he could very well have found himself stuck in the middle of the ocean!

The Mary Poppins star actually claimed that he found himself so far out he couldn't see the shore. Worst of all? He saw fins. But those fins were the porpoises who heroically guided him back to safety.

5. Lions Save 12-Year-Old 

Shutterstock/ Nick Biemans

Lions mostly have a bad reputation when it comes to their interaction with human beings as they are natural predators, but there are always exceptions as this story of a 12-year-old abducted Ethiopian girl proved.

After a week of being abused by four men who had taken her from her local village, three lions noticed the culprits and chased them away. While this may at first seem like we are humanizing their instincts as predators, the incident made news because the 12-year-old girl was left unharmed by the vigilante lions. The men were later captured and taken to the local jail. 

6. Penny Saves The Day

Flickr/ Dave McLear

Brenda Owens was doing what she did every day in the charming town of St. Asaph, Wales when an unusual sighting in the river caught her by surprise. On closer inspection, she discovered it was a wheelchair which belonged to an ailing female trying to get back to shore. Without thinking twice, Brenda commanded her dog, Penny, to "fetch".

Following her owner's command, Penny went straight into the waters and pulled the woman to safety and thus saving the poor woman's life. 

7. Chi Chi!


Instead of Chi Chi Chi Bang Bang, we should perhaps headline this story Chi Chi Chi Wave Wave; such was this dog's fantastic response to two people that were almost submerged by an impending riptide.

Thankfully, Chi Chi's barking alerted its owners, who woke up and helped the couple to safety. 

8. Oh, Honey!

Michael Bosch fostered this beautiful spaniel following heart surgery, and Honey proved an excellent companion that would give him an incentive to exercise and get his life back on track. However, his life almost took a massive step backwards when he reversed outside of his driveway before the car plunged backwards and crashed into a ravine. 

Bosch was then finding himself in a life or death battle. While he didn't have enough room to escape, he managed to get Honey and guide her through a small window to safety.

Remarkably, Honey found her way home where she waited for hours at the doorstep until a neighbor finally noticed. 

9. Good Boy, Toby!

YouTube/ Down The Rabbithole

Debbie Parkhurst decided to spend a sunny afternoon chomping on an apple only to experience mass choking. It was soon apparent that this choking wasn't going to let up so she had little choice but to perform the Heimlich maneuver... on herself!

But even that wasn't working, and with no humans nearby, things weren't looking good. Luckily, Toby, the pet pooch decided to step in by knocking her onto her back and jumping on her chest. While this left poor Debbie with some minor bruises, her life was also saved thanks to Toby's quick-thinking.

10. Watchful Eye Willie

Shutterstock/ veera

Parrots are known for being talkative and expressive, and this parrots inability to shut up would save her child's roommate from death.

The two-year-old was being looked after by Meagan when she stepped out of the room to use the bathroom. It was then that she heard her pet parrot Willie screaming, "Mama! Baby! Mama! Baby!" She raced back to find the toddler gagging on her food. This allowed Meagan to quickly and successfully carry out the Heimlich maneuver before it was too late.

11. Kilo Has Your Back

Staten Island Advance / Anthony DePrimo

Justin Becker was left fearing for his life when a robber tried to break into his home in the middle of the night. The intruder was disguised as a FedEx delivery guy and tried to barge through the front door when Kilo and Becker teamed up to defeat him.

After Kilo bit him multiple times, the burglar broke free and shot Kilo in the skull. The bullet then rebounded through his neck. While the burglar escaped, Kilo was thankfully brought back to health at the vets.

12. Mila The Whale

Shutterstock/ CJ Larsen

Yang Yun competed in a diving contest that saw contestants plunge into a 20-foot-deep arctic pool to see how long they could last in the sub-zero temperatures. This was without any oxygen equipment, so the risks were high. 

Thankfully, Yun managed to come out of the water in one piece, but it was when he was ready to leave the water that his body cramped and froze up. Just when it was starting to look like his life was in danger, a group of beluga whales roamed near to where the competition was and lifted him to safety.

13. Sea Lion Saves Stranded Man's Life

Shutterstock/ Joost van Uffelen

Kevin Hines wasn't in a good place. After suffering from an ongoing bipolar disorder and manic depression, he decided one morning that suicide was the only way out. Like many before him, he chose to end his life by throwing himself of California's Golden Gate Bridge. However, it didn't go as planned.

While Hines jumped into the water, he was soon lifted to the surface by a sea lion. At first, Hines panicked, thinking it was a shark. After calming down and realizing he'd been given a second chance, he remained composed and allowed the beautiful animal to keep him above water until a Coast Guard arrived.

14. Not Horsing Around

YouTube/ Epic Wildlfie

Whilst tending to a baby calf, Fiona Boyd was attacked by the calf's thousand-pound mother who felt threatened and was defending her territory.

After being rolled over by the cow, Fiona's horse Kerry came to the rescue by galloping up and kicking the cow with its hind legs, after which Fiona escaped with minimal damage.

15. A Wild Ride

YouTube/ This Morning

Eight-year-old Amber Mason loved riding on Ningnong the elephant whilst on holiday in Thailand with her family. One morning, when she was taking one of her many rides on the elephant's back, it charged up the beach to higher ground just before a tsunami hit the beach.

The knowing elephant had saved Amber's life and reunited her with her mother at the same time.

16. Ape Escape

YouTube/ ABC News

When a child fell 18 feet into a gorilla enclosure, the keepers thought that the territorial creatures could cause a problem. When their living area is encroached upon, that is to be expected.

However, mother Binti Jua scooped up the boy and cradled him gently to safety, taking him to the entrance of the enclosure where keepers came to get the boy.

17. Explosive Sense of Smell 


Treo is one of the many service dogs used by militaries across the globe, but when working in Afghanistan, Treo discovered two hidden bombs that would have killed many people if left unfound. Now retired, the dog has become the family pet of his army handler.

Well done, Treo!

18. Snake Wrangler


When Arf the dog started acting erratically during a walk, his owner took her grandson indoors, not knowing what the problem was. When she returned Arf was fighting with a deadly American Coral Snake and was apparently warning them of the danger.

The dog was badly bitten itself but survived the incident.

19. Fur Blanket


When lost in the wilderness, Rheal Guindon tried to walk back to town but didn't know the way so spent a freezing night sleeping on the ground as temperatures dropped below zero.

When he awoke he was surrounded by three wild beavers who had snuggled up to him to conserve body heat.

20. Keeping It Above Water


14-year-old Davide Ceci fell out of his dad's boat on a fishing trip. His father not noticing, Davide was in serious trouble, starting to drown and unable to get back on the vessel until a dolphin started forcing him up and out of the water.

Eventually, Davide's father noticed and lifted him out of the water thanks to some marine help.

21. The Best Fire Alarm

Shutterstock/ JoJosmb

Yowling and meowing as loud as she could, Oreo woke her owner who went to find why the cat was in such distress.

Going downstairs she saw that the garage was on fire and so instantly grabbed her family, and the hero cat, and left the building. 

22. In The Know


Babu was a 12-year-old Shi Tzu with an 83-year-old owner when she started insisting on a walk, something quite rare considering both were quite elderly at the time.

Once outside she started to drag her owner in a completely different direction to the route they would usually take and they ended up a hill just at the time a Tsunami hit and washed their home away. How's that for insider knowledge?

23. Wake Up!

YouTube/ Fox 8 News Cleveland

Winnie, the cat, woke her owner by licking her face and meowing loudly.

When Cathy Keesling eventually came round she realized she was nauseous and had a headache and identified the symptoms as the result of a gas leak. Her husband and son were unconscious already, so she called 911 and help came straight away.

24. Pig Hearted

YouTube/ Scary Nature

Why anyone would have a pet pig is a mystery to me but they are apparently very clever animals, and this was demonstrated by Lulu who rushed out of the house when her owner collapsed of a heart attack.

She then stopped traffic and ran back to her owner drawing the attention of a passer-by who called for help.

25. Whale of A Time


In a diving competition in China, one diver found his legs had stopped working, and he was running out of air.

With a Beluga whale in the tank with him, spectators were oblivious to any issues but the whale seized his leg and dragged him to the surface.

26. Got Your Goat


An elderly Australian farmer slipped and fell whilst out feeding his animals and broke a hip.

Unable to move he lay there for five days in hope someone would find him, in the meantime, his goat Mandy slept next to him to keep him warm and let him drink her milk for sustenance.

27. German Shepherd...More Like German Firefighter

YouTube/ Scary Nature

Pet dog Buddy managed to escape from the fire at the family shop and run out into the road in front of a state trooper, which he then led back to the fire just in time as this video demonstrates.

Good boy, Buddy!

28. Stay Off The Tracks

YouTube/ HLN

Service dog Orlando, saved his owner who fainted and fell on train tracks.

Jumping down to him, the dog dragged him to the center of the tracks and lay over him in a miracle situation where the train went over both of them.

29. Deer Saves Woman From Male Attacker

Shutterstock/Marc Scharping

Owing to their jumpy nature and natural shyness around humans, it is quite a surprise to hear of a deer saving a human's life. Nonetheless, this one deer decided to intervene when a male attacker snatched a woman's purse in the middle of the night after the victim was walking home from a party.

After trying to steal her purse, he dragged her into a field. Luckily, this alerted the dear, and it made a loud dash. The sound alerted the man, so he ran too. While this was an unintentional act by the deer, it nonetheless saved this poor woman's life. 

30. Frida The Rescue Dog

YouTube/ the star online

Frida the Labrador made global headlines last year when she saved 12 people following a fatal 7.1 magnitude quake that shocked the Mexican state of Oaxaca. Frida donned tailored paw mitts, and goggles as she searched for victims trapped under the debris of what was one of Mexico's most deadly natural disasters on record.

The Mexican Navy (SEMAR) continue to employ the heroine in a series of other emergencies.

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