30 Times Animals Came To The Rescue Of Humans

Interest March 19, 2019 By Hugo

Animals are remarkable and continue to fascinate us despite the human race responsible for the destruction of half of the world's wildlife in the last 40 years. Yes, despite the continued pressures we put on their lifestyle and environments animals continue to get on with things and love us unconditionally and in some cases that includes wild animals.

Here are 30 incredible stories of animals that came to the aid of humans. 

1. Khan Does Battle With A Snake

The Pet Info

Khan the Doberman Pinscher had only been a member of his human family for two days when he came to the rescue of the youngest member in the clan. Charlotte, the toddler, was out playing in the backyard of her family home when mother Catherine noticed that her daughter had been tossed into the air by Khan.

Coming to her daughter's aid, she soon realized that Khan had done this to protect Charlotte from a King Brown snake that had been lurking nearby. The snake attacked poor Khan, but if it had attacked Charlotte as well, it would have been fatal. Thankfully, Khan's bites were treated promptly, and a dose of anti-venom treatment allowed him to make a speedy recovery.

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