30 Holiday Destinations Frequented By The Stars

Luxury March 15, 2019 By Hugo

Everyone needs a holiday free from spreadsheets, and soul-destroying commutes to work at least once a year, and celebrities are no different. Sure, they may not have to contend with any of the above, but getting paid millions to sing and act has been known to take its toll, and the moment stars have free schedules they flock to some of the most beautiful destinations in the world.

Here, we look at the 30 places around the world you should visit should you wish to come across a famous face.

1. London


Known for its coterie of actors, musicians, and soccer players, many parts of London are seasoned playgrounds of the liberal glitterati, and there's a strong case for the leafy North London enclave of Hampstead being the best residential area in London thanks to the stunning landscapes offered in nearby Hampstead Heath. Many celebrities rent the many mansions lined up across Hampstead's stunning postcodes. Justin Beiber reportedly rented a home in Hampstead during the London leg of a recent world tour.

Home to the likes of Harry Styles, Sam Smith, Ricky Gervais and Sacha Baron Cohen, this delightful area almost guarantees you a celebrity encounter, but if on the off chance your day in Hampstead yields no signs of any you can drown your sorrows in one of the many rustic pubs or take the tube and visit all the other amazing things a city such as London has to offer.

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