Watch What This Wild Monkey Does Next

Published 1 year ago on March 7, 2019
By Hugo

Monkeys... Don't you just love them? Well, some people actually hate them.

Rumble/ Sarya76

In India, monkeys can be seen as pests who steal goods from market vendors and sometimes even attack children!

But in other cases, they can actually be incredibly caring and kind to fellow animals. Just take this curious monkey!

On what appears to be a warm summer's afternoon, a curious monkey approaches a resting golden Labrador and hovers its paw above its head.

Tentative to begin with, the monkey then strokes its back and pats it like a good little doggy in a touching moment that will be sure to keep you clicking on the replay button,

Watch the heartwarming video below. 

But be warned: It will leave you saying "Awhhh" all day!


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