30 Epic Plane Conversions That Defy The Laws Of Possibility

Interest February 25, 2019 By Max

Along with the telephone and the automobile, airplanes are undoubtedly one of humankind's'most significant inventions. And in an era of low-cost airlines, we can see more of the world than previous generations could ever have dreamed of.


However, while the aeronautical ingenuity of these transportation behemoths is certainly a cause for celebration, some people have taken it upon themselves to purchase old aeroplanes and transform them into actual living spaces.

From homes and hotels to cool restaurants and hangout spots, these awe-inspiring aeroplane conversions are the stuff of dreams. Read on below as we list 30 of the best.

1. Plane House, Miziara, Lebanon

yeahmotor &YouTube/ We Are Lebanon

Starting things off on this crazy list is a Lebanese couple who took their love of aviation and put it to more domestic use by converting this enormous plane into their dream home in their hometown of Miziara.

While the couple has since relocated to Australia, the Airbus A380 home has 41 portholes on both sides, allowing for a breathtaking view of the mountainous climate. In a land as fabled as the Middle East, this customized piece of automotive ingenuity is certainly a showstopper that holds its own in one of the most wondrous areas of the world.

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