30 Travel Hacks That Will Make Your Next Holiday 100% Stress-Free

Published 1 year ago on February 22, 2019
By Hugo

Whether it's going on that all-inclusive holiday with the family, taking a romantic getaway with your partner or indulging your inner-wanderlust and taking a solo trip around the world, getting ready and organizing yourself can still be an absolute nightmare.

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But fear not intrepid travellers for we here at The Travel Lane have 30 travel hacks that can make getting to your destination much easier.

1. Space Saving Bags

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You can buy these awesome vacuum bags that allow you to save space by putting clothes inside them and then squeezing all of the air out of them.

They also protect your clothes from any unfortunate liquid spills from an exploded sun cream bottle or leaking conditioner. 

2. Get Wifi Passwords For All Major Airports

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Instead of wasting valuable date there is a website that gives you the Wi-Fi passwords for 266 different international airports and lounges.

Not only will this save you valuable time if you're in a rush, your phone bill will be considerably cheaper if you're a regular traveller.

3. Bring An Empty Bottle

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Although you can no longer take more than 100ml of liquid through airport security, many terminals have their own water fountains and bottle filling stations.

So if you bring an empty bottle, you can fill it up for free and not have to spend money on a drink whilst waiting for your flight.

4. Travel Safe Cables

Throwing chargers, earbuds or any other sort of cables in a bag is always fraught with risk from tangling or having them get caught and damaged by something else.

By keeping them in a glasses case, you offer them that bit more protection and don't have to root around for them when needed.

5. Binder Clip Earbuds

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Binder clips can be used for the same purpose as glasses cases in order to protect cables and keep them together.

Just go down to your local warehouse, and you'll be sure to find a whole host of these things.

6. Shower Caps For Shoes

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Using a spare shower cap to cover your packed shoes or sneakers will keep any dirt or mud they've picked up off of your other clothes and items.

If you don't have a shower cap, you can always stick tape on your shoe, but this is much of more time consuming.

7. Paint Your Nails A Lighter Color

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If you want to paint your nails for some vacation glamor but are worried about them looking chipped and ragged by the time you get back, opt for a lighter color.

A lighter tone will make chips and cracks less obvious, and it will appear the polish will last longer.

8. Find The Shortest Line

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Typically, in an airport, the line on the far left is the shortest one as people are less likely to spot it and identify it as a good choice, so now you know.

Science, ey? What would we do without it.

9. Spare Contact Cases Can Be Used For Creams

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Expensive creams can be vital for the image-conscious traveler but liquids are limited so take a few spare cases with tiny amounts in them, just enough for your time away.

Better still, once you bypass security, you could simply buy whatever you need in duty-free .

10. Going Shopping? Bags Within Bags

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Planning on doing some shopping while on holiday? Pack a smaller bag inside a larger one to save you checking in too many empty ones. This will save on cost.

At least on the way out there anyway.

11. Bottle Your Vitamins

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Rather than packing several, bulky boxes of vitamins, put them all in a single, small bottle to save space. Not only will your luggage feel 10x lighter you'll also be in keeping with a travel mantra we should all abide: less is more.

Yes, that means you too!

12. Crafting Boxes For Snacks

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Rather than having packs and packs of cookies and other snacks, use crafting boxes to store all your stuff in one place.

These boxes prevent crumbs from getting everywhere and save on having to clean out a load of trash from your hand luggage.

13. Get The Cheapest Flights


There is an algorithm used for flight prices, and you can usually get the cheapest on a certain day of the month. In fact, while you may think it strange, in many cases, booking months ahead doesn't always guarantee you the best price.

If you're booking in January, for instance, fairs typically remain low throughout the month as people often don't have much disposable income to spend on flights after Xmas.

14. Use An Empty Tic Tac Container To Protect Your Toothbrush

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Stop the bristles on your brush getting bent and crushed by sliding an empty, clean Tic Tac box over the top.

A cover case filled with the remnants of minty goodness, what more could you ask for?

15. Forgot Your Wall Charger? Use The TV

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Most phones now have a USB charger with a wall charger attachment but if you forget this attachment, a lot of TVs have a USB plug on the back, and you can charge it through that by turning on the power to the TV and plugging in your phone.

Genius, right?

16. Save Free Samples

Free samples are great for travelling as they barely take up ay room and provide most of the essentials you will need.

So keep an eye out for any promotional events next time you're roaming the departures lounge.

17. Protect Breakables With Socks


Wrap any breakables in your, soft, fluffy socks for extra protection when traveling. Socks are great at providing not only insulation but also protection if used in bulk.

So start investing in socks. They're often the most underappreciated part of a person's wardrobe, but their multifaceted purposes prove that they really shouldn't be!

18. Meal Prep

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By planning your meals before you've even arrived, you can save time and money on overpriced restaurants.

It's always nice to go out once or twice while vacationing, but this will cut costs dramatically and saves you worrying about allergens or other issues.

19. Keep Hotel Soaps In With Dirty Clothes

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Keep worn clothes smelling fresh by taking the hotel soap in the same compartment as them to keep them smelling a bit better.

Yes, we all do it. Don't worry; you're not the only one!

20. Cargo Pants

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Yes, cargo pants are a downright awful fashion garment, but if you're making a trip to the airport, these bad boys are pretty useful.

Perfect for travel because of their multiple pockets, you can store a lot of useful things in these bad boys. Doing this will save paying extra in luggage, which brings us nicely onto our next hack...

21. Wear Multiple Coats/Jackets


Unless it's the height of summer, bringing a jacket to the airport is a must as it provides great storage compartments and also allows you to go through security more swiftly.

If you're travelling with a low-cost airline and think you may have gone over your luggage allowance, you can even wear more than one jacket at a time. That way you can store all kinds of things, from boots and books to those heavier-than expected toiletries!

22. Create Your Own In-Flight Entertainment


Unless you are travelling a long distance, most airlines won't have TVs on the backs of each seat to accommodate your short attention span. So before you start worrying about having to read a book, you'll be surprised what a little bit of DIY ingenuity can create.

Using pieces from a barf bag there's a tutorial online that shows you how you how to mount your phone on the back of an airplane seat. Pretty cool.

23. Never Use A Currency Exchange At An Airport

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Currency exchanges should be sorted before your trip. You can get reasonable rates at your local post office. The rates at airports are much higher and in many cases extortionate.

Even if you're panicking because you don't have any of your destination's currency, you should still refrain from using an airport currency exchange and pay with things by card until you find an exchange with fair rates there.

24. Remember to make the most of Uber!

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A common misconception many have about Uber is that it only exists in their city, but it's a global behemoth of an app, and has drivers in many of the world's busiest cities, from London and New York to Berlin and Los Angeles.

So if you're going to a big city, see if Uber operates there. If they do, be sure to use it. That way you won't be ripped off by local cab drivers or wheeler-dealer tour operators.

25. Earplugs Are Your Best Friend

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Unless you happen to be one of the lucky few who flies private, an airport is never going to be a stress-free zone filled with rosebuds and calming Japanese music. They are busy places, crammed with rushed commuters and families trying to get from A to B, so the best thing you can do is bring a pair of earplugs so the predictable screaming baby doesn't ruin your few hours of sleep.

Well, unless you're a parent who has to look after that screaming baby.

26. Rent Stuff- Don't Bring It

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We live in a globalised world with commerce that offers just about anything- and that includes stuff for rent. From light summer clothes to all those baby essentials, countless websites let you hire these things when you get to your destination so you don't have to lug these essentials around.

Whether it be car seats, buggies, high chairs, or anything else, various travel companies are affiliated with local businesses that offer these services at great prices.

27. Sheets In The Car

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If you're travelling with your family or a large group of people and you take a car, then it's almost guaranteed to be dirty by the end of the holiday.... unless you get a fitted sheet.

Simply put it over the back seats, and all those pesky crumbs will be collected. At the end of the holiday simply remove the sheet and discard it in a nearby bin. Simple. 

28. Roll All Your Clothes

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How often do we cram all our clothes into a suitcase the night before and then get angry because there isn't enough space? Well, there probably is more than enough room for all your clothes and more- you've just been folding them wrong.

Instead of half-heartedly folding them roll and layer them instead and never stack them on top of each other.

29. Always Book Your Flight Incognito

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This is a little-known secret we're going to let you on. If you want the lowest fare possible, always use your browser's incognito mode before booking.

Online travel sites store your cookies for a reason: they want to know as much about your travel plans as possible. And if they know you intend to fly at a particular time, they can raise their rates according to your searches. Don't give them that power.

30. Tell Your Airline Your Baggage Is Fragile

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For those uncomfortable with white lies, this might not be something they particularly want to do, but if you mark your baggage fragile- even if it isn't- airline companies will most likely put your "fragile" bags on to. This will most likely result in your bags coming onto the conveyor belt when you collect your bags.

So if you're a time-saving nerd, this is certainly a hack you want to take advantage of. 

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