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30 Travel Hacks That Will Make Your Next Holiday 100% Stress-Free

Published 1 year ago on February 22, 2019
By Hugo

Whether it's going on that all-inclusive holiday with the family, taking a romantic getaway with your partner or indulging your inner-wanderlust and taking a solo trip around the world, getting ready and organizing yourself can still be an absolute nightmare.

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But fear not intrepid travellers for we here at The Travel Lane have 30 travel hacks that can make getting to your destination much easier.

1. Space Saving Bags

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You can buy these awesome vacuum bags that allow you to save space by putting clothes inside them and then squeezing all of the air out of them.

They also protect your clothes from any unfortunate liquid spills from an exploded sun cream bottle or leaking conditioner. 

2. Get Wifi Passwords For All Major Airports

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Instead of wasting valuable date there is a website that gives you the Wi-Fi passwords for 266 different international airports and lounges.

Not only will this save you valuable time if you're in a rush, your phone bill will be considerably cheaper if you're a regular traveller.

3. Bring An Empty Bottle

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Although you can no longer take more than 100ml of liquid through airport security, many terminals have their own water fountains and bottle filling stations.

So if you bring an empty bottle, you can fill it up for free and not have to spend money on a drink whilst waiting for your flight.

4. Travel Safe Cables

Throwing chargers, earbuds or any other sort of cables in a bag is always fraught with risk from tangling or having them get caught and damaged by something else.

By keeping them in a glasses case, you offer them that bit more protection and don't have to root around for them when needed.

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