How Well Do You Know Your American Icons?

From great cultural pantheons to people celebrating their sporting idols in large arenas, if there's one thing America likes more than anything else, it's an icon. They elevate the everyday man and woman and make them believe that they are also unique and special. And even if life's daily realities sometimes knock us down, we often take comfort from these figures and look up at them as an example of how to conduct ourselves and achieve our goals in this crazy thing we call life.

That said the word icon is indeed branded about freely in today's world of instant fame and reality tv, but these people are in a different category of fame. The Kardashians and Dr Phil contestants they most certainly are not. The names that we are about to quiz you on have set trends in their fields and inspired millions of Americans to aspire to greatness in a variety of disciplines.

But how well do you truly know your American icons? Take our quiz and share your results with your friends to see if they can do any better. Good luck!

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