Great White Shark Almost Catches Diver In Crazy Footage

Published 1 year ago on February 14, 2019
By Hugo

Swimming with sharks in the safety of a cage is something you couldn't even pay me to do. What if the lock comes loose? Or the space between the bars isn't sufficient enough to keep those gnarly teeth at bay?

Rumble/ Ocean Life

Maybe I'm just a wuss and simply not intrepid enough to be that cool, which is why I always give major kudos to divers who do this kind of stuff. But then I watch videos like these and am reminded why it's okay to be inadequate.

In shocking footage, this great white female shark bangs her nose against the diver's cage, clearly sniffing around for a quick meal.

Somehow, the diver remains composed and barely flinches as the shark quickly moves on to another part of the ocean where its meal probably won't be as hard to catch.

Typically found roaming within the coastal quarters of all major oceans, these great aquatic beasts are usually harmless towards humans, with the latest annual human death toll from shark-related deaths believed to be 5 according to research from the Florida Museum. 

Still, better to be safe than sorry and sit on the couch and admire these animals through a screen, ey?

With that said, you can relive this diver's incredible ordeal by watching the amazing footage below.


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