Watch Alaska's Incredible Salmon Run Up Close

Published 1 year ago on February 7, 2019
By Hugo

Alaskan brown bears are not the kind of predators you want to come across in the heat of the summertime. They're hot, bothered and as always- have an insatiable appetite. So spare a thought for the vast swathes of jumping salmon that come into contact with these Alaskan grizzlies! 


As shown in the amazing footage captured by Laura Gregory at Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park and Preserve, catching them is pretty easy. All the bear does is wait patiently as leaping salmon jump to their deaths.

Taken in summer 2018, this bear looks every inch the fishing pro. But this bear won't be the only one feasting on fishies in the Alaskan wilderness.

These annual salmon runs attract bears from across the state of Alaska, with huge sizes of salmon, some of which are among the biggest in the world, on offer.

For those potentially interested in watching this fascinating food cycle up close, many of these mammoth fluffballs, which typically weigh between 800-1200 pounds, often congregate in vast numbers at popular feeding sites including the Katmai National Park sites of Brooks Falls and McNeil Falls.

You can watch the fascinating clip in its entirety below.



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