Cute Kitty Befriends Wild Cockatoo

Published 1 year ago on January 24, 2019
By Hugo

Stop what you are doing and take a minute out of your busy day to appreciate the sheer cuteness of this bizarre encounter between a cat and a wild Cockatoo.

Shiloh the cat and JJ the wild Cockatoo may not appear like the perfect match, but they are actually the best of friends, regularly sitting together and winding each other up in a series of playful ways.

At first, it appears Shiloh is scared of JJ, and for a short while, they stare at each other and keep a safe distance until the kitty turns her back... Then JJ lunges forward and nips its tail!

In comical scenes, JJ's majestic hard crest rears itself on more than one occasion, while the ginger kitty eventually throws a few jabs, resulting in JJ retreating for cover!

Native to Australia and New Guinea, the sulphur-crested cockatoo is considered a highly intelligent species of parrot and is naturally curious, which goes a long way to explaining JJ's hilarious behavior.

In some cases, these amazing birds are kept as pets, though it won't be surprising to learn that they are incredibly demanding. However, domesticated species have been known to live upwards of 70 years. In the wild, their lifespan typically ranges from between 20-40 years. 

Watch the hilarious video below and let us known in the comments if you've ever come across a more unusual animal pairing!


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