Watch The Terrifying Moment A Shark Is Spotted In A Man's Backyard

Published 1 year ago on January 8, 2019
By Hugo

Imagine waking up one morning only to discover that a bull shark is occupying your backyard. For 69-year-old Dick Frey, that was his reality.

The footage shows a roaming bull shark lurking in the shallow waters of the Florida resident’s home.

Captured two weeks ago from the safe confines of his home in Bonita Springs, all nine-feet of the shark can be seen in clear daylight as is swims close to the docks.

In a scene that wouldn't look out of place in a Hollywood horror flick, the shark itself looks as though it is waiting for its daily dose of human meat!

Of course, sharks, even aggressive ones such as bull sharks, are mostly harmless to humans and serve as a vital part of the ocean's ecosystems.

And because of the proliferation of commercial fishing in recent years, bull sharks and similar species have often been forced to travel further into the coast for food in tropical places such as Florida. 

Watch the amazing clip below and let us know if you've seen anything similar in the comments section!


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