30 Celebrities With Some Of The Highest Recorded Net Worths

Interest November 28, 2018 By Hugo

Celebrities having loads of money is nothing new, but you'll be amazed at how much some of these A-list entertainers have accumulated in their lucrative careers. From the world's most gifted athletes to singers and actors who cause major standstills wherever they perform, these stars are making more money in a month than most of us regular folk will earn in a lifetime.

Shutterstock/ magicinfoto

In many ways, they are living the dream, experiencing all the trappings both wealth and fame has to offer, from the private jets that jettison them from movie premieres to topping up their tans on gleaming white yachts. But while wealth can guarantee you such luxuries, it by no means assures you a life full of happiness. Yet even with this in mind, it's still fascinating to discover the true net worth of these esteemed public figures and imagine what it would be like to have such wealth.

With that salivating thought, here are 30 living celebrities who have incredibly high net worths.

30. Alicia Keys- $130m

Shutterstock/ Antonio Socrza

The New York hitmaker has since branched out into other facets of the entertainment world following the worldwide success of her musical career, with acting credits in Hollywood and a reoccurring role as a judge on The Voice keeping the Keys brand very much in the limelight.

Known for being comfortable in her own skin and often refusing to wear any makeup, the singer and pianist has earned a staggering $130m in her lifetime and sold over 60m albums worldwide.

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