30 Celebrities With Some Of The Highest Recorded Net Worths

Published 1 year ago on November 28, 2018
By Hugo

Celebrities having loads of money is nothing new, but you'll be amazed at how much some of these A-list entertainers have accumulated in their lucrative careers. From the world's most gifted athletes to singers and actors who cause major standstills wherever they perform, these stars are making more money in a month than most of us regular folk will earn in a lifetime.

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In many ways, they are living the dream, experiencing all the trappings both wealth and fame has to offer, from the private jets that jettison them from movie premieres to topping up their tans on gleaming white yachts. But while wealth can guarantee you such luxuries, it by no means assures you a life full of happiness. Yet even with this in mind, it's still fascinating to discover the true net worth of these esteemed public figures and imagine what it would be like to have such wealth.

With that salivating thought, here are 30 living celebrities who have incredibly high net worths.

30. Alicia Keys- $130m

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The New York hitmaker has since branched out into other facets of the entertainment world following the worldwide success of her musical career, with acting credits in Hollywood and a reoccurring role as a judge on The Voice keeping the Keys brand very much in the limelight.

Known for being comfortable in her own skin and often refusing to wear any makeup, the singer and pianist has earned a staggering $130m in her lifetime and sold over 60m albums worldwide.

29. Adele- $135m

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Adele's eagerly awaited follow-up to her 30m selling album 21 was released in November 2015, four years after 21's worldwide success. But it would be 25 that would propel Adele into the upper realms of the industry rich list. 

Shattering records, Adele's album sold 3.38m units in its first week, making it the fastest-selling album of all time, while the lead single, Hello, was the first single in the US to be downloaded over 1m times in its first week. 

With that said, the British singer's fortune would be considerably larger if she toured on a more regular basis, which plays a significant role in her net worth trailing behind the likes of Taylor Swift and One Direction, despite outstripping both of them in physical sales.

28. Michael Bublé- $150m

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Michael Bublé, one of Canada's most famous musical exports, hasn't had it easy in recent years following his child's cancer diagnosis, but thankfully, his son is now in recovery. Perhaps with this in mind, the four-time Grammy winner has decided to step away from music for a while.

A household name in the contemporary jazz and pop world, Buble has earned himself a cool $150m.

27. Janet Jackson- $150m

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Janet Jackson, a 7-time Grammy winner and sister of Micheal Jackson has earned more money than most people might imagine. While she is by no means as successful as her brother, her net worth was at the time of Michael's death much higher following his various debts.

As of 2017,  the recording artist was thought to be worth an astounding $150 Million. Not bad for someone who would always be following in the shadows of her uber-famous sibling.

26. Rihanna- $230m

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Good girl gone bad Robyn Rihanna Fenty couldn't have imagined growing up in her small town in Barbados that she would one day be one of the world's most popular recording artists. Spotted by Jay-z when he was holidaying on the island, her first song “Pon de Replay” was released in 2005 to critical and commercial acclaim.

13 years later, the star, who has only just turned 30, is worth an impressive $230 million. 

25. Brad Pitt- $240m

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Brad Pitt is still technically married to estranged wife Angelina Jolie following her request for a divorce, but according to many sources, a prenup was already in place, leaving both parties very much in the green. 

And while Brad may no longer have Angelina's heart, he can take solace in being richer than her. Jolie's net worth of $160m comes $80m short of Brad's large $240m fortune, with most of his earnings coming from up-front movie deals and his Plan B production company which produced the Oscar-winning Steve McQueen movie, 12 Years A Slave.

24. Justin Beiber & Hailey Baldwin- $265m

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Famously discovered on YouTube by talent manager Scooter Braun, Justin Bieber's remarkable rise heralded a new era of talent sourcing, and after a succession of sold-out tours, number one albums, record-breaking Spotify streams and a crazed fanbase matched by few others, the 24-year-old is rich beyond his wildest dreams.

Possessing a $265m fortune, Justin Bieber is one of the richest twentysomethings in the world. Now married to the model Hailey Baldwin, initial reports suggested there was no prenup in place, meaning Baldwin would be entitled to half Bieber's earnings should they divorce. Divorce rates in America are 50%.

23. Lady Gaga- $275m 

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Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta is all the rage at the moment following her spellbinding performance alongside Bradley Cooper in A Star Is Born. Lady Gaga, however, is the name most of you will be familiar with. The quirky pop star, who was spotted by the famed producer Jimmy Iovine, has sold millions of records around the world and continues to wow audiences with her unique and engaging stage presence.

According to recent reports, the singer and actress is worth a reported $275 Million.

22. The Olsen Twins- $300m

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The Olsen Twins are very much one lucrative package, and by the time they were 3-years-old, they were already making millions as child actresses, so it's little wonder their wealth has increased over the years.

However, the blonde bombshells decided on a career in fashion after becoming disillusioned with acting, and it paid off. Big time. Today, the twins are worth a whopping $300m following the success of their clothing line, 'The Row.'

21. Taylor Swift- $320m

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With hundreds of millions of social media followers and album sales in excess of 40m, the American pop star Taylor Swift is one of the most popular contemporary recording artists in the world.
Tay-Tay is rolling in it with the success of her mammoth 1989 world tour grossing millions of dollars in each leg of the tour.  

Forbes estimated that it grossed more than $200m from the North America leg alone, breaking a Rolling Stones record in the process. Because of these other-worldly figures, and being one of the few artists that can get away with withholding her music from the streaming service Spotify, Swift's vast fortune now stands at an estimated $320m.

20. Bruce Springsteen- $342m

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Following on from the break out success of his first album in 1973, “The Boss” has garnered a worldwide fanbase and sold millions of records. He even has the honor of being one of Barack Obama's favorite artists and often sung for him on the campaign trails.

An ardent backer of unions and socially progressive ideologies, Springsteen's net worth currently stands at $345m. 

19. Cher- $345m 

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Cher first made a name for herself singing various duets with Sonny in the 1960s before she achieved a worldwide hit with the auto-tune pioneering song “Believe” in 1998.

Now doing the lucrative Las Vegas residencies and appearing in diva movies such as Mama Mia: Here We Go Again, Cher's net worth has risen to a remarkable $345m. 

18. Barbara Streisand- $375m

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The legendary crooner that is Barbara Streisand has done it all and won just about everything, from Oscars, Tonys and Grammys to Emmys and Presidential Medals of Freedom. She is a remarkable woman, which makes her success all the more warranted.

And with a net worth of $370 million dollars, Streisand is certainly enjoying the fruits of her creative endeavors.

17. Cristiano Ronaldo- $400m

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Aside from Selena Gomez, Cristiano Ronaldo boasts more social media followers than any other personality, and while many in America may not know who he is, the rest of the world sure does.

Fresh from signing a lifetime contract with the American sportswear giant Nike, the three-time Ballon d'Or winner and world's most popular athlete could well replace David Beckham as the richest soccer player in the coming years, having already cemented himself as one of the game's greats.

16. LeBron James- $400m 

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One of the NBA's all-time greats LeBron James recently signed a lifetime deal with sportswear giants Nike, and last year earned $80m alone.

Add this to his lucrative endorsements over the years, and the Lakers baller has a net worth of around $400m.

15. Mel Gibson- $425m

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Actor and director Mel Gibson may have had a hard time in recent years following a series of unfortunate incidents, but that didn't stop him increasing his net worth. During the height of his fame in the '90s, Gibson had already cemented himself as a go-to A-lister, and has since branched into producing and directing.

Directing movies such as The Passion of the Christ and the Oscar-nominated Hacksaw Ridge have boosted his net worth to $425 million.

14. David & Victoria Beckham- $450m

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Despite both retiring from professions that initially made them wealthy, both have made more from outside interests. In David's case, his soccer career, which made him a millionaire many times over, still pales in comparison to his off-field earnings, which come mostly from modeling and smart investment's, including his wife's clothing brand.

The Victoria Beckham collection is sold in stores across the world and is believed to have netted the ex-Spice Girl a cool $91m.

13. George & Amal Clooney- $500m

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As well as looking like an absolute stud, the A-list actor can now add billionaire entrepreneur to his burgeoning lists of talents after himself and business partners Rande Garber and Mike Meldman sold their stakes in their tequila company for a reported $1bn.

After splitting a share of the sale, Clooney's net worth rocketed to $500m.

12. Gisele & Tom Brady- $540m

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The world's highest paid supermodel is known as the New England Patriot's "First Lady' because of her marriage to their star quarterback, Tom Brady, yet Gisele's wealth is almost triple that of her baller husband's, which stands at $120m.

Even today, at the ripe-old-age of 36, Gisele is the highest-earning model in the world, with earnings of $42m in 2015 alone. Now retired from the catwalk, the Brazillian beauty still lends her face to various campaigns, which is hardly surprising when it was reported in February 2014 that her stock index was outperforming the Dow industrial average.

11. Tom Cruise- $550m

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While the movie star is just as known for his role in the Church of Scientology as he is for his acting roles, he is still considered the world's biggest movie star.

Starring in at least one of your favorite films, Tom Cruise was the most famous person on the planet in the 1990s, and with lucrative backend deals in projects like Mission Impossible and Jack Reacher, Cruise's astronomical wealth will only expand.

10. Celine Dion- $650m

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The Canadian singer recently lost both her husband and brother in the space of two days, which proves that not even wealth and fortune can stop moments of tragedy. Nonetheless, the singer, whose popular ballads include, "My Heart Will Go On" and " The Power Of Love", has made some outrageous sums of money over the years, but not in the ways you'd imagine.

Granted, the singer has successful album sales, but nothing like others on this list, so how has Dion managed to accumulate such a high fortune? Well, the answer lies in a lucrative long-term deal with Las Vegas's Ceaser Palace Hotel, who first paid Dion $100m in 2002 for a residency deal, and after multiple contract extensions, the singer's net worth has grown to $650m.

9. Tyler Perry- $600m
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One of the highest-paid directors in Hollywood history, as well as an actor and esteemed comedian, five of Perry's movies, have gone straight to number 1 at the box office, with the majority of his wealth thought to be tied up in lucrative backend payments from the success of his movies.

Most of Perry's success in directing has come in America, but Lions Gate Entertainment recently announced plans to distribute his films, which often concern working-class black people, to the United Kingdom.

8. JK Rowling & Neil Murray- $650m

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The most famous living author became the first writer to accumulate wealth beyond a billion dollars when her seven Harry Potter novels were turned into films. However, Rowling struggled to get published when she completed the first draft of "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone", and when a publishing house finally accepted her at the 12th time of asking, the Scottish writer was told that there was little money in children's books.

Years later, Rowling's last four books in the series became the fastest-selling novels of all time and gave the writer sales of well over 500m. Most recently, Rowling also broke another record when the script of the sold-out stage play 'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child' became the fastest selling script of all time. In the US and Canada alone, the play sold over 2m copies on its first day of release. 

While Rowling's career earnings have surpassed a billion dollars, her generous charitable donations and willingness to pay her taxes in the U.K. rather than relocate abroad means her wealth hovers around the $650m mark.

7. Bono- $700m

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Fronting the Irish rock band U2, Bono has earned more than $700 million touring the world with the Edge and co. An ardent philanthropist and humanitarian, Bono has also given away a lot of his vast wealth to charity, so his actual net worth would likely be approaching to $1bn mark had it not been for his generosity.

Still, with a net worth of Bono's, which far exceeds that of other legendary rockers such as Sir Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, Bono can sleep well knowing he'll never have to work a proper job in his life.

6. James Cameron- $700m

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Another celebrated and very wealthy auteur on our list is the Canadian James Cameron, who launched the acting careers of the likes of Leonardo Di Caprio (Titanic) and Arnold Schwarzenegger in his iconic cannon of work.

Responsible for directing and creating one of the cinema's most profitable movies, Avatar, Cameron's net worth stands at $700m, an astonishing level of wealth that few in Hollywood can come close to.

5. Dr Dre & Nicole Young- $830m

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Known as one of the early pioneers of the hip-hop genre, Dr. Dre lifted himself from the urban dwellings of downtown Los Angeles after his group N.W.A. caught the attention of record executives. However, it was Dre's role as an entrepreneur that gave him the monetary success he could only have dreamed of as a child.

This was down to the creation of Beats, a headphone company set up by the music mogul with a small group of investors including the producer Jimmy Iovine. Years later, Dr. Dre, whose real name is Andre Young, would sell the business to the software giant Apple, in a deal rumored to be in the region of $3 billion.

Due to tax collections and issuing large shares of the company to investors in the early stages of its conception, Young isn't a billionaire, despite claiming he was following the high-profile deal between Beats and Apple. 

4. Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld- $920m

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The mastermind behind one of TV's most successful series is none other than the comedian Jerry Seinfeld, who penned the hilarious show with Jewish funnyman Larry David.

Watched across the world, the show has since been syndicated and now brings in millions each year for Seinfeld, who has regularly topped the Forbes Celebrity List. Now focused more on his stand-up career, Jerry and his wife's net worth currently stands at $920m.

3. Sir Paul McCartney- $1.2bn

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The first billionaire on our list is none other than the legendary Beatle, Sir Paul McCartney. Famed for his legendary pop ballads such as Dear Jude and Yellow Submarine, Paul, along with fellow Liverpudlians John Lennon, Ringo Starr and George Harrison, would write lyrics, compose music and perform in front of sell-out crowds across the world at a time when pop was only just beginning to take off as the genre we now know it.

Despite an infamous divorce from ex-wife Stella McCartney, Paul has kept most of his wealth, which currently stands at a whopping $1.2bn. 

2. Oprah Winfrey- $3bn

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Born into a single parent household in rural Mississippi, Winfrey was initially raised by her teenage mother and was regularly molested by male relatives whenever she was away. But after her father Vernon Winfrey took her into his Nashville home, Oprah's life began to look up. By her admissions, her father was a strict disciplinarian, but from his guidance, his daughter developed a love for learning, which would lead to Tennesse University offering her a scholarship.

Years later, and after doing the rounds as a local news anchor, Oprah hit the big time when AM Chicago gave the-then 28-year-old her first talk show. Today, and with her very own network following the mega-success of The Oprah Winfrey Show, the 61-year old is now worth $3 billion.

1. George Lucas- $5.5bn

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Despite only directing 8 films, The Star Wars creator has amassed a staggering $5.5bn fortune, a figure that would put most oil barons and Saudi princes to shame. The majority of Lucas's vast wealth comes from the sale of LucasFilm to Disney in 2012 for a reported $4.1 billion in both cash and lucrative stock options.

But Lucas isn't only making money. He has also been at the forefront of a charitable foundation responsible for giving away more than $1 billion.

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