The 10 Most Popular Countries For Solo Travel

Published 1 year ago on November 8, 2018
By Hugo

Thanks to relatively cheap hostel accommodation and a welcomed proliferation in budget airlines, solo traveling has never been more comfortable. Each year, millions embark on their own adventures to places far and wide in the hopes of creating memories that will last a lifetime. So look no further as the Travel Lane goes through 10 countries that are perfect for the solo experience.

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From the golden beaches of Australia to the neon-dappled streets of Tokoyo, these countries experienced more solo bookings last year than any other according to Hostel World, so read on below to find out what makes them so popular with solo travelers.

1. America

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Where do we start with America? The Land of the Free is home to a stunning and diverse landscape where people from all walks of life live. With a geography as unique and wide-ranging as America's, you're bound to meet like-minded travelers and find parts of the country that tailor to your interests.

If you want to get away from the urban dwellings of your home city and create a spiritual connecting in the mountains, then look no further than Montana. If Montana's too cold, head west and mingle with the artists and surfers in L.A. Heck, you could even do two days in L.A. and then head straight to New York City, where a whole host of amenities and experiences can be had.

That said, America extends far beyond its two big cities. Head south, and you'll be met with Southern Hospitality of the highest order, whether your downing shots in the febrile party capitals of Miami and New Orleans or channeling your inner zen in the tranquil coastal towns of North Carolina.  For these reasons and many others, you won't be all too surprised to know that America saw the highest number of bookings for solo trips in 2017.

2. Thailand

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Steeped in history, and nicknamed The Land of Smiles for its friendly and majority Buddhist population, a solo adventure in Thailand is a must, especially for those keen to get away from the stresses and strains of working life and seek a better understanding of themselves.

Bearing this in mind, vast areas of the country are increasingly becoming party enclaves, but if you stay off the beaten track and explore the less commercialized islands of Koh Lanta and Koh Chang, you'll adapt to a carefree way of life.

3. England

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Second only to America as the most booked solo holiday of 2017, London is a mecca for solo travelers, with its history, culture, and amenities making for a mishmash of everything one could want in a global metropolis.

While first-time travelers may only want to stick to the more traditional sights and monuments (Big Ben, the ever-popular Buckingham Palace and a revolving tourist wheel otherwise known as the London Eye, etc), London is also home to a thriving night scene should you be adventurous enough to mix it with the locals and explore it. If you're a  hipster, you'll love Peckham and Dalston. For a more trendy, upmarket night out, the areas of Soho and Brixton are also great.

At the risk of being a London-centric traveler, you could spread your wings and head to other areas of the country. You can start by taking in the rustics University towns of Oxford and Cambridge. Once you've had your academic fill, head North, and you'll experience England's second city, Manchester, a powerhouse in industry and music and the birthplace of many prominent thinkers such as Karl Marx and the Gallagher brothers (he he). 

4. Spain

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Spain has a festive, vibrant culture packed full of sun-kissed faces and affable locals. Being a solo traveler in Spain won't be as overwhelming as it could be in less friendly parts of the world, but it's worth noting that Spain isn't easy to navigate. You have a landscape that varies from verdant hillsides in the north to near-equator temperatures in the southern areas of Sevilla and Malaga.

But getting lost every once in a while shouldn't be a bad thing- especially when you're lucky enough to be in sunny Spain! For art lovers, Spain's spoilt for choice, with the Picasso Museum in Barcelona and Bilbao's celebrated Guggenheim Museum just two of many spectacular exhibition centers. Foodies can also rejoice. 

For meat lovers, your taste buds will be transported into another galaxy if you dine in a good tapas restaurant. If you find Barcelona too touristy, head to Madrid and take in a soccer match at the famed Bernabeu. A chant of "Hala, Madrid," whether you are watching at the stadium or in a local bar will automatically endear you to the locals.

5. Germany


Germany may be synonymous with tasty beer, bratwurst sausages, and a world-class nightlife, but it's also filled with a vibrant community of people who are among some of the most accepting in the world. For the young, Berlin seems to be incredible in vogue, with tech start-ups and various artistic projects dominating Berlin commerce ike never before.

In the summer, the capital is bustling with tourists and travelers while the trees in the city's many parks are perfect places to explore and meet new people. Aside from Berlin's louche and youthful aesthetics, Munich and Cologne are nice places if you fancy seeing more of Germany's cities. However, if you're pressed for time, try taking in the awe-inspiring Bavarian countryside and its mythical Black Forest, the setting for various Brothers Grimm tales. 

6. Australia

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 Gorgeous golden beaches up and down the coast with laid-back beach-bum vibes and fantastic dining options make Australia the place to be if relaxed road-tripping is your thing. Good time vibes and party places also dot the trail wherever you stop and plenty tour the area to meet more folks.

So get your groove on Down Under and prepare for the experience of a lifetime.

7. Japan 


Known for its stunning efficiency and brilliant public transport, Japan is an incredibly easy country to get around and can be done in comfort as well. 

It can be a bit of a culture shock with its many weird and wonderful cultural idiosyncrasies, with trains that can whizz you from some of the busiest cities on Earth to the most serene rural locations around in a matter of minutes, its ideal for those who really want to experience something new and different in a safe environment.

8. Italy

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From the sprawling ruins of Rome to the multicolored cliffs of Cinque Terre and Positano, Italy is a sheer delight to both the eyes and ears. So what are you waiting for? Book a trip and acquaint yourself to the Italian way of life. You could star by dining alfresco style in a Napoliese pizzeria before catching an afternoon espresso in one of many idyllic seaside cafes dotted along the Almalfi Coast.

If you're a history nuts, you could then travel onto Pompeii and Herculaneum. There are also various art galleries and museums in Milan and Rome. However, one of main reasons for visiting Italy should be the FOOD. And by food, we mean the BEST FOOD IN THE WORLD. From delicious stone oven pizza in downtown Naples to a plethora of great food stalls, restaurants and markets across the country, Italy can make you gain 100kg and happily gain another. Just be sure to ask hostel staff for the most authentic eateries. The last thing you want to do is dine in an overpriced Italian joint geared towards tourists.

9. France

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Rather than attract the usual backpacker crowd, France tends to mostly see a more sophisticated type of traveller. For Paris alone, France is well worth a visit. The City of Love boast everything from chic fashion to a world-class culture decorated with some of the most historic landmarks and museums in the world. Go further afield, however, and you'll find even more reasons to fall in love with France.

From its gorgeous Normandy countryside to the jet-setting glitterati holidaying in the South of France, France is one of the classiest and coolest countries in Europe, and an area of the world everyone should visit at least once in their lives.

10. Holland

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We know what you're thinking: Solo travelers tend to be younger, and Holland sells legalized marijuana which means everyone who goes there must be potheads. How wrong you are. The Netherlands may be home to one of the most hedonistic cities in the world, but there's also phantasmagorical tulip fields, wonderful canals, the Anne Frank Museum, and many great cultural venues to boot.

Of course, Amsterdam will always have a reputation for its weed cafes and Red Light District, but it can also be a place of self-discovery and peace if you want it to.


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