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Feel-Good Photos That Will Transport You To A Better Place

Published 1 year ago on November 2, 2018
By Hugo

Have you ever looked at a beautiful photograph and felt amazing inside? If so, the photo was probably powerful enough to hold your attention- and that’s precisely what these extraordinarily uplifting photos will do. 

Embed from Getty Images

Best of all, these beautiful photos have captured the hearts and minds of millions of people around the world. They made us forget about all the bad things going on in the world and transported us into a world of utter goodness. So enjoy a blast from the past as we go through a series of joyous and uplifting moments captured on camera.

1.  An officer treats himself to a fresh glass of lemonade

How nice is this? In what appears to be a quiet suburban town in Middle America, a little girl can be seen selling lemonade to passersby in the hopes she might make enough money to pay for something nice.

Luckily for her, she got a help in hand from a police officer, who seemed more than willing to offer her a few cents of his hard-earned cash in return for a cool glass of lemonade. Some girls go on Instagram all day. This girl sells lemonade. Parents, you've raised her right! 

2. A generous tip can make all the difference

Facebook/ Taryn Keith

The evident kindness in this photo is heartwarming and uplifting- two feelings the world needs much more of. Just imagine how you'd feel if you were a poor waiter struggling to get by in a foreign country only to know that at the end of the night, you would be spending the holiday season away from your family.

Well, for one lucky waiter in that situation, that reality wouldn't happen after a generous tipper parted with a remarkable $750 so they could afford a return flight back to the Ireland.

This is what Christmas is all about. 

3. A community comes together to save a stranded citizen

When Hurricane Harvey flooded the homes of many people in Houston, Texas, a federal effort was made to ensure Houston's citizens got all the necessary help. However, it wasn't only the rescue efforts of paramedics and firefighters that received widespread plaudits.

In this incredible, awe-inspiring photo, a community besieged by tragedy can be seen rescuing a senior man stranded in his truck. Thankfully, he survived, proving that human beings can always be relied upon to help their fellow man.

4. A once-suicidal man runs a marathon with the person who persuaded him not to jump

Life isn't easy. You don't need a content writer to remind you of this. We all feel down at times, and some of us can even feel so low we contemplate doing things that others would deem unimaginable.

But depression and anxiety can play havoc on our minds, so when one marathon runner decided to end his life a year before this photo was taken, he was persuaded not to by a passerby. A year later, they ran a marathon together. Always look out for your fellow man and woman. They may not be your friends or family, but they're just like you when it comes to feeling all the things that ultimately make us human.

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