10 Of The World's Most Luxurious Honeymoon Destinations

Published 1 year ago on October 11, 2018
By Hugo

For many, going on a honeymoon will likely be the only time they will experience the luxurious wonders of a five-star holiday. However, some holidays are out of reach of even the savviest of honeymoon budgeters. Just take these ten places.

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Other-worldly and mythical in their appearance, visitors to such locations are among a privileged few that see money as no object. With that said, here are idyllic places that would make perfect honeymoon destinations should you ever be able to afford them.

1. Bora Bora, French Polynesia

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A favorite among the jet-setting glitterati, Bora Bora's azure waters and perennial sunshine in the remote and sequestered islands of French Polynesia make a trip here a must for anyone fortunate enough to have more money than they'll ever know what to do with. 

With many luxurious hotels to choose from, most accommodation comes in the mold of private beach huts and villas, but Le Meridan's uber-funky huts are perhaps the best. All include glass floors that look down onto the clear-blue seas, while the majestic and iconic Mount Otemanu can be seen directly ahead.

2. St. Lucia

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Cheaper than Bora Bora but still sickeningly expensive, St.Lucia on a budget can be done, but if you want the best experience when staying on this lush and verdant island, then you certainly won't feel short-changed should you decide to splash the cash. 

The best hotels are usually the ones nearest to the black-sanded beaches and beautiful Creole villages, with all of Ladera Resort's suites providing awe-inspiring views of the Pitons and its steel blue waters.

3. The Maldives

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If the Maldives were a child, it would be the most spoiled on Earth; such is the beauty strewn across the 1,000 islands. Of those, 200 are inhabited, while 105 are resorts. After all, tourism is the most lucrative part of their economy, and with the islands' natural beauty, that's hardly surprising. Coral reefs, ashen sands, turquoise waters... The sights are priceless, and the sunsets are no exception as burning oranges and hazy purples mix to create colors that wouldn't look out of place on a Van Gogh canvas. 

For the best hotels, the lists are endless, with each five-star hotel offering a unique take on luxury, but if you want a help-in-hand, we recommend a stay at Niyama Maldives. With an underwater nightclub and a restaurant only accessible by boat, there's a great danger that you might never want to leave.

4. Key West, Florida

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The sunsets seen in Flordia's Key West are nothing short of spectacular and have become a staple part of the visiting experience. There is also a nightly festival to celebrate it which takes place in Mallory Square, which regularly attracts live performances from musicians and street dancers so it would almost be an insult not to take up accommodation befitting of one of America's most scenic locations. 

One such place to stay in is The Reach, a grand five-star hotel with sweeping views of the pale sands and turquoise waters. 

Housing 150 guest rooms, the place professes to provide the paradisiacal beauty of the Caribbean while offering a 'delightfully effervescent feel of the Mediterranean with a cultured intimate setting.'

5. Santorini, Greece

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Rivaling Key West for the world's best sunset, the volcanic Island of Santorini is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. From the late afternoon, tourists queue for hours high up in the Oia cliffs for that picture-ready position. It may sound absurd, but a Santorini sunset is like no other, and once the town transforms into a dim glow of oranges and pinks, and the sun-dappled waters and whitewashed buildings turn crimson, tourists quickly realize that the sight was one worth waiting for.

Admittedly, Santorini is heavily populated with tourists in the summer months, so it's imperative you pay top dollar to exclude yourself from the throngs of visitors.

One place we wholeheartedly recommend is Perivolas Hotels. Known for its Instagram-worthy views of the ocean, honeymooners are encouraged to book the Perivolas Suite.

6. Dubrovnik, Croatia

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The stunning Croatian city of Dubrovnik is one of the most visited destinations in Europe, especially after producers of the hit HBO series, "Game of Thrones"  shot many episodes on the island. And that's hardly surprising when one considers the ancient and mythical corridors tucked away in Dubrovnik, while the pristine views many of the luxury hotels offer are ones that George R.R. Martin himself would be proud of. 

Of course, choosing a hotel in a place as small as Dubrovnik isn't too hard, but in the interests of quality, we recommend the Dubrovnik Palace Hotel. 

7. Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

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If you were to judge the Thai island's based only on ascetic beauty, then Koh Phi Phi would continually come out top. The key to the island's allure is the rich and sensuous beaches. Surrounded by the island's signature limestone cliffs and bucolic forestry, Koh Phi Phi beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world; a truism affirmed when Danny Boyle choose the scenic Koh Phi Phi Ley beach as the primary setting for the Leonardo Di Caprio movie, 'The Beach.'

Sadly, tourism was put on hold after the infamous tsunami of 2004 devastated the lives of thousands of locals and tourists but 12 years on and you would have never known. Modernized and lined with plush hotels, the crowds that Phi Phi attract tend to be affluent (wealthy Japanese tourists frequent the island) but more Westerners are starting to opt for Koh Phi Phi instead of the densely populated and increasingly seedy Phuket, with the Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort always proving popular. 

8. The Bahamas

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Including the Bahamas in a luxury honeymoon list is nothing new, but the unique sylvan of Pink Sands Beach is worth the inordinate amount of cash that a Bahamas holiday requires.

For the best experience, we urge you to book a stay at Tingum Village Hotel. With only 19- one bedroom suites, each one looks out onto the gentle Carribean waters, with the famed Pink Sands Beach nearby.

9. Malolo Island,  Fiji

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Fijian holidays are synonymous with the rich and famous because each island is as coruscatingly beautiful as the next. There's lush forestry, milk-white sands, spectacular coral reefs, crystal-clear waters and much more to feast your eyes on Fiji has it all, and though it's an arduous journey for most to make, Fiji is worth both the time and money.

While there are many perfect hotels in Fiji, The Travel Lane managed to settle on Likuliku Lagoon Resort on Malolo Island. Being the only resort with overwater thatched-roof bungalows designed from local materials, the resort manages to blend traditional Fijian designs with luxurious modern furnishings.

10. The Seychelles

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Known for being a paradise destination for honeymooners, Seychelles is also a dream playground for the adventurous and Sunset Beach is a perfect example with nearby activities allowing for horse-riding, scuba diving, island trekking.

Better still, the sunsets in Seychelles, which let's face it; can make or break a romantic holiday, are spectacles that perhaps only the beams of Santorini could match, so you'd almost be silly not to stay at Sunset Beach Hotel, which provides a plethora of rooms overlooking the gorgeous coastline.

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