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Incredible Dinosaurs That Would Have Terrorized Humans Had They Still Been Alive

Published 1 year ago on August 21, 2018
By Hugo

For 135 million years, dinosaurs roamed the planet and chomped their way through half the ecosystem as the largest creatures known to man. So big were these awe-inspiring mammals that species like the Sauropod reached heights of over 30 feet!

Shutterstock/ metha1819

However, it wasn't just their size that made them so feared. Some were only around 20 inches long but more than made up for this with incredible agility and speed that had other animals quacking in their boots. With that in mind, OMG Lane has chronicled some of history's most revered dinosaurs to shed further light on an extinct species that continues to fascinate the human race.

1. Triceratops

Shutterstock/ David Roland

The triceratops was a type of herbivorous dinosaur that came about during the late Cretaceous period. This was around 68 million years ago in an area of the world now known as North America. Noted for its three elongated horns, and striking similarities with the rhinoceros, Triceratops are argubally the most famous, or at least well-known, of all dinosaurs.

With estimated heights of 30 feet in length, 10 feet in height, and weighing a staggering 12 tons in weight, these natural giants would probably give humans the run around if they were still alive. And with approximately 432-800 teeth, you'd probably eaten alive if it wasn't for their natural inclination towards a plant-based diet.

However, other dinosaurs on this list probably wouldn't be as forgiving.

2. Quetzalcoatlus


With an incredible wingspan of more than 40 feet, the elegant and lithe pterosaur was the largest creature ever to fly. That being said, estimates for their size and mass vary, and as there are no existing species with a similar frame or size, even estimations can't be entirely relied on.

A notable feature of the Quetzalcoatlus was its long, stiffened neck. It may come as a surprise to know that these giant creatures and masters of the sky were toothless.

3. Tyrannosaurus

Shutterstock/ orla

Argubally the most noted of all dinosaurs and immortalized in various film and tv productions, the Tyrannosaurus, known to most as the T-Rex, was the largest known Tyrannosaurus and also one of the biggest land predators

Residing in the Western regions of North America during the upper Cretaceous Period, the awe-inspiring specimen was thought to be up to 40 feet long, around 13 feet high, 7 tons heavy and ravenous for long periods of the day.

What's more, their powerful jaws are thought to have been capable of exerting the most ferocious bite among all terrestrial animals ever living on Earth. Thank god they're extinct...

4. Moschops


They may look like funny Pokemon characters, but don't be fooled, at one time, these dinosaurs were capable of doing some serious damage. An extinct genus of therapsid that resided in the Guadalupian era some 65–260 million years ago, this unusual creature could reached lengths of 20 feet tall and rack up a few tons in weight. If true, this would make it the biggest land animal and of the period.

It's a good job then for other animals in proximity that its strong jaw was used for feeding on rough vegetation and little else. 

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