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18 Secret And Remote Places You Will Never Be Able To Visit

Published 1 year ago on May 2, 2018
By Hugo
Shutterstock/ SipaPhoto

While your parents may have told you that the world is your oyster, some places on Earth will always be closed off to the public. From deserted islands to high-grade weapons factories, the countries in charge of these little-known places intend to keep it that way. 

Here are some interesting examples.

1. Dulce Base

YouTube/ Leak Project

Dulce Base has long been rumored to be home to extraterrestrials. Found underneath the Archuleta Mesa in Dulce, New Mexico, conspiracy theorists believe Dulce Base is an alleged military base for both humans and aliens.

This theory started in 1979 when Albuquerque businessman Paul Bennewitz claimed he had intercepted electronic communications from an alien spacecraft. Ever since thrill seekers and U.F.O. enthusiasts have flocked to catch a glimpse of the site, and tourist numbers spiked when it the location was featured on the History Channel show UFO Hunters.

2. Mezhgorye, Russia


Russia is a vast country with many testing factories and secretive, no-go areas, and another example of this is the nuclear weapons factory in the little-known Russian town of Mezhgorye. In the 1940s, the USSR created 44 secret cities dedicated to manufacturing atomic weaponry.

What makes this factory even more spine-chilling is that the town is technically “closed." Found in the southern Ural Mountains, the true goings-on in this place will probably never be revealed.

3. Zone Rogue


Translated into English as “The Red Zone,” Zone Rogue is a series of off-limits areas in northeastern France which were sectioned off after WWI.

The potent damage caused much of the agriculture to be destroyed completely, and rather than restore it; the government deemed it inhabitable and dangerous. However, some of the areas have sicnce been re-opened.

4. Disney Club 33

YouTube/ UtahVod

What was once a place designated for the 33 corporate sponsors of Disneyland has since transformed into one of the world's most exclusive private members clubs. Rivalling the likes of Soho House in the glamour department, Club 33 is located in New Orleans Square and is nestled away in the California branch of Disneyland.

Equipped with a full-service bar and servers, members have to pay an initiation fee of $40,000, with many celebrities, such as Vanessa Hudgens, thought to be members. The club consists of two levels.

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