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21 Of The World's Most Dangerous Snakes

Published 1 year ago on April 24, 2018
By Hugo

6. Forest Cobra

Wikimedia Commons

The biggest cobra in the whole of Africa, it can reach up to 2.2 meters in length and can climb trees of 10 meters with great rapidity and ease. 

Easily agitated it can deliver neurotoxins that stop the heart and lungs from working.

7. Inland Taipan

Barber 6/

Australia seems to have a wealth of horrifying reptiles including the Inland Taipan whose bite can kill within the hour.

Usually quite timid, they can be incredibly aggressive when deciding to attack. Drop for drop, the most venomous snake in the world.

8. Blue Krait

Wikimedia Commons

A bite from a Blue Krait will leave you feeling more than just a little blue. Of Southeast Asian origin, these beautiful but deadly creatures are found in places like India, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka.

Despite their prepossessing, stripey features, they should be feared as even after treatment of their venom, it has still been known to kill.

9. Eastern Brown Snake

Image Source: Ian Sutton/

Considered the world's second most venomous snake, it is native to Australia, New Guinea, and Indonesia. Typically this species doesn't issue fatal bites but it does have the power to do so, and they should be treated immediately. 

Because of their mainly rodent diet, they are often found near houses or farms thus making them that much more dangerous.

10. Belcher's Sea Snake

Wikimedia Commons

Not regarded as very dangerous due to its timid nature and reluctance to bite unless mistreated or threatened, most people who are bitten are often fisherman handling nets, and even then the snake will not inject its venom. 

However, its venom is so powerful that it is thought that just a few milligrams of it could kill up to a thousand people.

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