21 Of The World's Most Dangerous Snakes

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Nature is full of wonderful things- but it can also be absolutely terrifying. Take for example, the humble snake. 

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This legless, slithering creature should not be as frightening as it is but with so many dangerous breeds and venomous offshoots they can be fearsome foes. Here we catalog 22 of the fiercest and deadliest.


1. Black Mamba

Found in Africa and named because of the coloration around their mouths, these snakes can kill with one bite, which is worrying since they typically they deliver a series of bites in rapid succession. 

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Its venom can cause collapse within 45 minutes and will kill within 7 - 15 hours if not treated.


2. Rattlesnake

Named because of the sound it makes to warn that it feels threatened, it shakes its rattling tail to let you know to stay away, and that is probably a good idea as their venom can destroy tissue and cause massive blood clots. 

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What's worse is that they can control how much venom to inject and some types of rattlesnake can paralyze you with it. Typically found in North America, they are also found in parts of South America.

3. Death Adder

The clue is in the name here. Death Adders are typically found in Australia and New Guinea and can deliver a bite that paralyzes. If this is left untreated it can cause complete respiratory failure within six hours although they are not active hunters. 

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Preferring to lie in hiding for their prey, they use the tip of their tail, which looks somewhat like a worm, to attract rodents and birds before ambushing them.


4. Tiger Snake

As if snakes weren't scary enough, this one is named after a deadly mammal because of its unique coloration. 

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Found in Australia, they can reach up to three meters long, and a bite can kill within 30 minutes.

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