The 10 Best Beach Cities In The World

Wanderlust April 24, 2018 By Hugo

Living in a big city has many plus points, the main one being that business and commerce surround you. However, there are only a few cities in the world that boast miles upon miles of tawny sanded beaches and dazzling, azure waters.

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Yes, not all cities in the world are suffocating, sun-starved metropolises. While they are few and far between, some cities offer residents and tourists the best of both worlds. Here are 10 of the best beach cities in the world.


1. Sydney 

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Sydney is often compared to Melbourne when it comes to debating Australia's best city, and it usually comes out trumps for the simple reason that it has better beaches. Its urban buzz may not be as youthful and febrile as it's rival, but make no mistake; Sydney is a city that knows how to have fun.

The famous five-mile walk from Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach is a must for beach lovers wishing to soak in Sydney's expansive coastline. There, you will find many charming beach bars, restaurants, and cute walkways.


2. Los Angeles

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America's second city is the entertainment capital of the world and employs people in various facets of the business, from set runners and agents to actors and hotshot producers. There's also a thriving education sector and a strong gig economy, making Los Angeles a relatively easy place to find work.

Of course, the Hollywood glamor of Los Angeles is a tad fabricated from the image it likes to project. But while you may not be sipping cocktails with the stars at the Chateau Marmont anytime soon, you can still bask in a glittering array of sun-soaked beaches once your day at work is over. 

From Venice Beach to the lesser known spots of Hermosa Beach and Cabrillo Beach, Los Angeles' multifaceted qualities make it one of the most-loved cities in the world. Just be prepared to drive everywhere. Public transport in L.A. is notoriously bad. 

3. Barcelona 

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Barcelona's sprawling coastline, rocky mountains, world-class culture and mouth-drooling tapas make it a go-to destination for many Europeans.

On top of this, its coastal location sees it regularly heralded as one of the world's best beach cities, with the premier W Hotel sitting adjacent to the popular San Sebastian beach. There, you will find many of the city's most exclusive clubs and restaurants frequented by a plethora of celebrities and soccer players. For those wanting a quieter day at the beach, a short train journey will take you to Costa Brava, a pristine area of Catalonia characterized by swaying trees, white sands, and stunning cliff tops.


4. Rio De Janeiro

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Rio De Janeiro is the crown jewel of South America not only for its world-famous carnival and non-stop party atmosphere but because of its stunning choice of beaches, which includes the famous Copacabana Beach. 

While the city is also synonymous with crime-riddled favelas and drive-by shootings. Despite this, high-end lifestyle is also well enmeshed in the city with stunning real estate dotted along the beaches. The residential areas are also a hotbed of glorious parties and carnivals with high-end shopping and fashion to boot.

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