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10 Stunning Places In Iceland That Everyone Should Visit

Published 1 year ago on April 11, 2018
By Hugo

For a remote, sparsely populated island in the Northern hemisphere, Iceland hasn't done badly. Not only does it regularly top the Global Happiness Index, it is also one of the most visited destinations in Europe.

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After all, Iceland is a wondrous place, brimming with lunar-like landscapes, bucolic countryside, mythical hot springs, enchanting waterfalls, and much, much more. But with time being of the essence, we've whittled down the country's main attractions and come up with, what we think at least, are 10 of the most beautiful sights in the Land of Ice and Fire.

1. Gooafoss Waterfall

Located in North-West Iceland, Gooafoss waterfall is arguably the most spectacular waterfall in Iceland.

For the most scenic experience, tourists are advised to go in winter. Go then, and you will see the place transform into a snow-dappled wonderland.

2. Mount Mælifell

One of many magical volcanoes strewn across the island, Mount Maelifell resides on the tip of the Mýrdalsjökull glacier and is covered in grimmia- a moss that changes color depending on the soil’s humidity. 

3. Vatnajökull

As the largest glacier in Iceland, Vatnajokull isn't short on ice caves, making it an explorer's paradise.

4. Landmannalaugar

Enchanting as it is real, this bucolic paradise is the product of high geothermal activity in the area, giving the hills a famed iridescent appearance that attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists each year.

5.  Víti Lake, Askja

Weather permitting, those adventurous enough to reach such a desolate spot can reward themselves with a swim in the warm and mineral-rich lake.

Incidentally, Viti Lake's large craters were once believed to be the gates to the underworld before scientists confirmed Víti was naturally formed at the bottom of one of Askja's craters.

6. Jökulsárlón

Aqua blue icebergs adorn this picture-perfect glacial lake- the deepest in Iceland- while those daring enough can hire a boat and then harmoniously float among them with not a care in the world. 

7. Reynisfjara Beach, Vík

Known by tourists as 'Black Sand Beach', the small village of Vík is, like most of the country, sparsely populated yet boasts a beach with brilliantly shaped basalt columns.

8. Kirkjufell

Located near the town of Grundarfjörður, Kirkjufell is Iceland's most photographed mountain, due to being one of the best places in Scandinavia to witness the Northern Lights.

9. Hvítserkurl

What was once a volcanic plug is now an imposing basalt monster.

Low tides make it possible to walk close to the rock while one of Iceland's largest seal colonies isn't much further.

10. The Blue Lagoon

Iceland's premier tourist attraction is rarely empty- but you needn't mind. The thermal springs are vast and expansive and offer ample room to relax and unwind.

Conveniently placed only 40-minutes away from Reykjavik, the Blue Lagoon is within easy reach for most tourists and is ideal for short-stay visitors.

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