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The Most Dangerous Species In The World

Published 2 years ago on February 2, 2018
By Hugo

Earth is decorated with colorful fauna, sprawling blue oceans and remarkable, humanmade structures, but living on the Blue Planet isn't always safe. While you may not have given much thought to it, simply stepping outside your door can leave you vulnerable to diseases, violently-inclined humans and depending on what part of the world you live in, many dangerous animals- the latter of which are arguably the biggest threat to human life. 

Shutterstock/ Aleksey Stemmer

Indeed, while the human race may feel invincible, you only have to step into the territories of other species to realize that we are far from invincible. But what species are the most dangerous? And why should we avoid them like the plague? Well, as you're about to find out, it isn't blood-sucking spiders and grizzly bears that should be most feared...

1. Cape buffalos

A large African bovine, the Cape buffalo is not to be confused with the larger wild water buffalo of Asia. In the Cape buffalo's case, its ancestry remains unclear, but one thing that is is the ferocious damage it's capable of.

Wikimedia Commons

After all, they are nicknamed Black Death for a reason, and can quite quickly take a human life with charging speeds of well over 35 mph, so it's little wonder they have been responsible for the deaths of numerous hunters. To put their strength into perspective, it takes several lions to bring them down, with most adult Cape buffalos nearly six feet tall and weighing close to a ton.

2. Box jellyfish 

Named for its boxy shape, this jellyfish has a sting that can cause cardiac arrest and nerve damage if given a hefty enough dose of it.

Image Source: Danza/ 

Its tentacles stretch more than two meters (6.4 feet), and they can lurk in muddy, unclear waters during the warmer months when people are looking to go swimming. It's for these reasons that National Geographic gave this feared aquatic species a 10/10 danger rating!

3. Saltwater crocodiles

Extremely good at ambushing prey with powerful jaws that clamp and twist as they drag victims under water, these crocs lurk in coastal areas and rivers and estuaries and are predominantly found in Northern Australia.

Image: Krieng Meemano/

Growing to around 4.5 meters in length (although bigger have been found), these are quite hefty predators to come across.

4. Pufferfish 

The Tetraodontidae (more commonly known as pufferfish) is a family of marine and estuarine fish of the order Tetraodontiformes. They are typically referred to as pufferfish because when threatened, they puff into twice their size by gulping large amounts of water. 

Wikimedia Commons

Pufferfish are thought to be the second most poisonous vertebrate in the world due to containing a dangerous toxin called tetrodotoxin, which is capable of killing up to 30 humans at once. Despite this, puffer meat is considered a delicacy in Japan, with specially trained chefs allowed to cook the part which is safe to eat.

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