10 Great First Time Trips for New Travelers

Wanderlust January 4, 2018 By Vincent

Travel broadens the mind, awakens the spirit and gives you the opportunity to see loads of cool stuff you wouldn't have seen otherwise but it can also be daunting, expensive and a little bit scary, especially for those who are new to the whole experience but everyone has to start somewhere right?

Most of us start out small with short holidays or tiny weekend trips but serious travel over an extended period of time is a different kettle of fish altogether, and so here we take a look at some of the best places to head to if you're a first-time traveler.

1. New Zealand

If you ever speak to someone who has been to New Zealand, you will realize just how much this place captures peoples hearts and we here at the Travel Lane are equally enamored by the beguiling majesty of this glorious country.

Super safe and super friendly, New Zealand covers almost every conceivable landscape on Earth within its borders and as such has something for everyone from adventure lovers to thrill seekers to those just wanting a lazy beach break. An English speaking nation makes it easy to communicate as well as having a culture that encourages vibrancy and revels in its eclectic nature.


2. Norway

Stunning, stunning, stunning! Norway has gorgeous fjords, beautiful mountains, warm and welcoming people and an amazing food scene in a country that sparkles in the summer sunshine or becomes a magical snow-covered winter wonderland.

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Another incredibly safe country, this is the ideal spot for a winding road trip through archipelagos of islands filled with dreamy fishing villages or to spot the stunning Northern Lights.


3. Thailand

Thailand is the perfect storm of chaos and calm as hectic moon parties in the hustling bustling tourist spots give way to tranquil islands of serenity (both physically and metaphorically) with untouched golden beaches.


The capital of Bangkok is filled to the brim with tourists and party goers looking for a good time whilst the region has plenty of ancient temples, beauty spots, and hideaways for those who like to take things at a slower pace. Geared to all tastes and well versed in dealing with travelers and tourists, Thailand is a great place to start your global adventures.

4. Canada

Canada is really big. So big in fact that it's pretty much impossible not to find something to do with some of the most amazing cosmopolitan cities on Earth interspersed between stunning wilderness with unique and varied wildlife.

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Canadians are noted for their politeness and warmth toward strangers while the eclectic mix of North American and European culture makes for a vibrant array of scenes to be a part of.


5. Portugal

A great entry-point into Europe as it is cheap, warm and very friendly with lots of great history, stunning architecture, and beautiful beaches.

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A hub for amazing cuisine, it is far cheaper than many other places on the continent, and its laid-back vibe makes it wonderfully welcoming. Head away from the cities for a slower pace of things or into them for vibrant nightlife.

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