15 of The Best Places In The World For Expats To Go

Published 2 years ago on December 19, 2017
By Vincent

Moving and working abroad can be a big upheaval for anyone but for those with a taste for an adventure and a desire for change it can be a really life-affirming move that shakes things up and can open your eyes to the world beyond your own borders. Here we look at some of the best places in the world for expats to end up.

1. China

With a rapidly growing economy that is expected to overtake that of the USA by 2018, expats who can completely embrace the culture have unrivaled employment opportunities with low living costs and high wages.


Shanghai and Beijing are the most popular places for expats to live and work.

2. Thailand

Stunning surroundings with beautiful sandy beaches and amazing coastlines aren't all Thailand offers but also incredibly low living costs and advantageous tax arrangements can make it super cheap to live and work there.


3. Switzerland

Extremely high-quality of life with excellent schools and very low levels of unemployment, English is widely spoken and living can be pretty stress-free although costs can be very expensive.


4. Australia

Stunning beaches, warm climate and a top-notch quality of life make Australia a destination that many expats just don't ever leave.

A wide range of leisure activities are always available and English is the official language so there shouldn't be a language barrier.

5. Singapore

The tiny city-state has generous financial packages and low taxation although education can be expensive but it is rated very highly.

Public transport is very cheap and efficient and English is the official language.

6. South Korea

An excellent education system in a country with a rich and diverse culture. It can be pricey at times but high wages and great quality of life cancel this out with employers often being able to find relatively cheap living quarters for their expats.

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7. New Zealand

Stunning scenery with a good quality of life, a demand for skilled workers and a high level of income all make New Zealand an excellent place to relocate to with English being the official spoken language as well as state-sponsored health care and a low crime rate.

8. Canada

A national healthcare system with a warm and friendly culture that welcomes others, Canada is high on the list of many expats.

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Speaking French and English, it has a demand for skilled workers and has a very multi-cultural and liberal feel to it.

9. Qatar

With a burgeoning economy and generous, tax-free, financial packages available, Qatar is becoming one of the most popular destinations for expats with a wealth of luxury and leisure options available.

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10. Hong Kong

A cultural crossroads where East meets West, it has a varied and diverse multi-cultural feel and a fast-paced and active lifestyle.

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The cost of living can be expensive but schooling is highly rated as is its advanced healthcare system.

11. Japan

A rich culture which varies dramatically from what you will find in the West, the cost can be expensive but the quality of life can be much higher than most places and in larger cities, many of the residents will speak a good level of English.

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12. Spain

High temperatures and year-round sunshine, it is part of the European Union making travel and trade throughout the continent easy and convenient whilst expats are largely welcomed, with skilled workers very much in demand and a massive 14% of the population being expats.

13. Dubai

Tax-free salaries and a warm climate make Dubai a very attractive prospect with a very active expat community and a variety of luxury and leisure options abound.

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14. Germany

Lively, inexpensive, with a great culture and at the heart of the European Union, Germany has cheap and efficient public transport links and trade and travel routes with the rest of Europe as well as decent healthcare and education.

15. The Netherlands

Great for the active and outdoor lifestyle, like Germany, The Netherlands is at the heart of the European Union and benefits from an open and liberal culture that attracts many different people to the country.

Certain skilled expats may also meet the criteria to receive a 30% tax-free allowance and in many jobs, it is often more important to speak fluent English than it is Dutch.

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