The 15 Best Places In The World To Go To A Concert!

Luxury December 14, 2017 By Vincent

Nashville, Tennesse has long championed itself as the concert capital of the world and has even garnered the nickname 'Music City, USA' for its many record labels, country music ties, festivals, music hall of fame and concert venues but in terms of going to gigs, can it really lay claim to such an illustrious title?

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Well, American travel company Expedia apparently crunched the numbers on where the best places to go to a concert were and looked at several major cities across the globe and how many gigs they were hosting. They then collated this data and ranked all the cities on how many they have held in the past year and Nashville failed to break into the top 15 coming in at a paltry 17 with 3,086 concerts (although it did have a better rate of gigs per 100k people at a respectable 1.65). So here are the top 15 who can truly lay a claim to the crown! 

To calculate the number of gigs per 1000 people, Expedia sourced each location's population data from the latest census, as it appeared on Wikipedia. They then refined the data by only including towns with a minimum population of 1,000.


15. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Sydney and Melbourne often battle it out for the cultural heart of Australia, but regarding the music scene, it is Melbourne that is miles ahead despite Sydney having the famed opera house. In fact, Melbourne has the only Australian city to make it anywhere near the top 15.

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With 3,127 gigs last year this meant it had a rather poor rate of just 0.662 gigs per 1000 people but that leaves it plenty of room for improvement in the coming year.


14. Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The largest city in Canada is the only one to make the top 15. A global city, Toronto is a center of business, finance, arts, and culture, and is recognized as one of the most multicultural and cosmopolitan cities in the world so it shouldn't be too much of surprise it made it to the top 15 but perhaps it's a surprise it doesn't climb higher.


3,532concerts last year added up to about 1.29 of them per 1000 people which isn't bad going really.

13. Denver, Colorado, USA

With Appollo Hall and the city's first opera house opening soon after its founding, there has always been a strong tie to the arts in Denver and has continued to thrive. In fact, in 1988, voters in the Denver Metropolitan Area approved the Scientific and Cultural Facilities Tax (commonly known as SCFD), a 0.1% (1 cent per $10) sales tax that contributes money to various cultural and scientific facilities and organizations throughout the Metro area. The tax was renewed by voters in 1994 and 2004 and allows the SCFD to operate until 2018.

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As such, arts and culture facilities are readily available in the city, and that's probably why it hosted 3,590 concerts last year which amounts to a whopping 5.90 concerts per 1k of the population there.


12. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

The City of Sin is known for being a place for entertainment with its high-rise casinos, concert venues and many acts all bringing a massive amount of tourism each year and it is these people that the city mostly caters for.


As such, the 3,692 concerts it puts on, thanks to casino residencies by many big stars year round helping to contribute, far outstrips its need for locals as it is a rate of 6.32 gigs per 1k is the highest of anywhere else in the top 15.

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