10 Great Places To Go For The Solo Traveler

Published 2 years ago on December 6, 2017
By Vincent

Travel is a great thing to share with others but sometimes you prefer to go it alone, or circumstances mean that you are out and about all by yourself but there's nothing wrong with that, especially if you're heading out to places where solo travel can be really rewarding. 

Here we take a look at a few of those places.

1. South America

South America is a rugged and wildly varied continent, but friendly faces and a laid back nature greet you everywhere with plenty of outdoor activities to boot. The Gringo Trail is notorious for adventurous travelers to trek along whilst the mountain ranges offer a great opportunity for hiking, walking and mountain biking.


Plenty of history and culture to soak up to, this is a great place to meet new people and forever be in a conversation.

2. Vietnam

Whilst many Western tourists make Thailand their Asian destination of choice, Vietnam has just as many wonders without so many backpackers and a feeling of pandering to tourists as you might find in the former.


Amazing cuisine as well as bustling cities that turn into wild jungles and stunning beaches, you'll never be bored here.

3. Ubud, Indonesia

Solo travel is ubiquitous on this gorgeous green isle ringed by misty mountains, so you're bound to bump into other likeminded solo souls whilst out soul-searching.

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Renowned for its culture of spirituality you can practice Reiki, yoga and everything in between here as well as a variety of health and well-being retreats.

4. Berlin, Germany

The German capital has a reputation for being friendly, welcoming and open to solo travelers as well as having a notorious nightlife that sees the secretive yet highly lauded Berghain nightclub more likely to let you in if you arrive alone.


An artistic hub full of young and hungry people desperate for new experiences and to meet new people, this is an awesome place to check out alone or otherwise. 

5. Singapore

The tiny city-state may not be ideal for a full-blown holiday, but there is certainly plenty to do and see with an economy built around stopovers and tax-free shopping. One of the safest places in the world it is great for solo travelers to swing by.

The night-time zoo and the Botanic Gardens by The Bay are wonderful experiences to casually wander around at your own pace whilst epic sporting events and festivals happen all year round.

6. East Africa

Specializing in group tours of Safari's and cities, East Africa is a great place to meet like-minded travelers on tours and trips as you meet people in a group setting as well as take in gorillas in the jungles of Rwanda, or spotting 'The Big 5' in Tanzania.


Organized tours are the best way to go about getting around and seeing what this corner of the continent has to offer.

7. Rome, Italy

Be it ancient history or art history, Rome lives and breathes style and culture, so it is near impossible to ever be bored in amongst the 14 million people here all milling about, that also makes it pretty hard to feel alone.


Should all of this get a bit too much, al fresco dining, fine wines and quality coffee are all at your disposal to recharge your batteries and just do some people watching.

8. Portland, Oregon - USA

Portland has long been America's city of 'weird', and as such it has clung to and celebrated alternative lifestyles openly, and this includes veganism, which also relates to the city's green ethos. With a wealth of vegan, vegetarian, organic and fair-trade eateries and food stores, even the mainstream stores (the few that are around) have to offer similar options to compete in the area.

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Outside of food though, it welcomes all walks of life, and everyone with an open-mind will feel welcome here.

9. Belize

Whilst Belize is often marketed towards honeymooners and couples, breaking the mold and going solo can be really rewarding as you can indulge in snorkeling, diving, kayaking and other activities all on your own timescale.

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Many people live it up in the 4 & 5-star restaurants when wining and dining a partner, but you can enjoy the lesser discovered street food stalls and markets that offer another unique taste of the atoll.

10. The East Coast of Australia

Gorgeous golden beaches up and down the coast with laid-back beach-bum vibes and fantastic dining options, this is the place to be for relaxed road-tripping.

Good time vibes and party places also dot the trail wherever you stop and plenty tour the area to meet more folks.

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