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20 Things About Renting In NYC That Nowhere Else In The Country Would Accept

Published 2 years ago on November 30, 2017
By Vincent

New York City is one of only two A+++ rated cities in the world with the other being London but with all the glory, glitz and glamor of this great metropolis and global center for finance, arts and culture comes the downside of actually living there.

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Sure, if you've got the money to buy a swanky house in the suburbs it can be pretty darn perfect, but for everyone else, dealing with NYC apartments, rent and all the other annoyances of just trying to survive can be pretty stressful. 

Here we document 20 things about renting and having a NYC apartment that nowhere else in the country would accept.

1. The Age Listings On Buildings Are Really, Really Confusing!

Regarding infrastructure, America is not that old a country if we are to compare it to say Europe but New York is one of the older cities and has a lot of history associated with it. Most of the buildings are thus listed as pre-war and post-war in reference to WWII.


However, some are pre-pre-war and many post-war ones vary quite dramatically depending on which decade they exist in, and the whole thing can be quite exhausting and confusing!

2. Applications Need To Know Everything

The rental process in NYC is an incredibly confusing one, and it’s normal for first-timers to get overwhelmed even if they do hire brokers to avoid fees.


A lot of this is to do with how competitive the market is, the stringent safety rules and then increased issues with rent control etc. Many times it is best to have a letter of employment, last two pay stubs, last two bank statements, tax return, and photo ID on-hand even if you are just looking at a place.

3. The Cost of Just Moving In is Insane!

Even if you're renting and not buying, the cost of moving into a place in NYC can be ludicrous!


Application fees, broker’s fees, and huge security deposits are commonplace all before you've even got to paying rent, which often you are doing because you can't afford to buy a place. Ouch!

4. The Concept of Renting An Apartment Unseen

Anywhere else in the world, the idea of renting a place without seeing it first would be mad but, as we previously touched upon, in NYC renting is so competitive you quite often have to rent a place unseen and hope for the best otherwise it'll be gone before you can even organize a viewing.

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This can lead to unscrupulous landlords and creative pictures online so be careful out there and hope that you're lucky.

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