10 of The Best Honeymoon Islands To Get Away To

Luxury November 29, 2017 By Vincent

Finding the perfect slice of romance on your post-wedding getaway can be a tricky task, especially when there is so much pressure on you to get it absolutely right. Common themes include sandy beaches and swaying palm fronds but there are plenty of other things you can do depending on your personality types. From cruising, hiking, exploring or just doing nothing, we look at some of the best places to honeymoon.

1. Corsica - France

A slice of France in the Mediterranean, Corsica floats in gorgeous turquoise waters as golden beaches curve around its edges, some very touristy others strangely unfound. It has a wildness to it that makes it perfect for romantic strolls or marginally more arduous hikes but head back into town and you'll find that famous French sophistication.

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Indulgent cuisine can be found at some of the finest restaurants in Europe in a stunning setting.


2. Quirimbas Archipelago - Mozambique

Hop between the 30 islands of this stunning Indian Ocean archipelago that are home to home to the 16th-century Portuguese trading settlements which are perfect to soak up some culture in between stopping off at the sumptuous lobster barbecues that happen all along the coastline. 


The sailing and cruise culture is absolutely glorious for loungers and avid adventurers both searching for something different in the same place.


3. Huahine - French Polynesia

A 40-minute flight from Tahiti, this is the very essence of Polynesia with its abundance of ancient temples being open for exploration whilst lush jungles roll onto blue lagoons in all of their tropical abundance that gives rise to opportunities for snorkeling, horse riding, surfing and, best of all, just lounging about.


Beaches don't get much better than the ones here and it is often overlooked for other parts of Polynesia.

4. Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario - Canada

Head to the oldest provincial park in Canada and you will find a speck of secluded pine trees hidden away on  Ontario’s Kawawaymog Lake with nothing but the wilderness for your company. The cabin there can only be reached by canoe setting it up for the perfect retreat for the adventurous who have hiking, biking and walking opportunities abound.

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If you wish to stay in and just enjoy the surroundings, there is an outdoor dining table that is perfect for sunset whilst a floating sauna bobs in the lake for ideal evening entertainment.


5. Nevis - Saint Kitts and Nevis

A tiny island in the Caribbean sea, it has no all-inclusive resorts or cruise ship ports that often bring crowds to the other islands making up the West Indies. Old sugar plantations have often been repurposed as gorgeous hotels as diving, hikes around Nevis Peak and sipping rum on Pinney’s Beach all appeal to those prepared to leave the historic character of their temporary residence.

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Gentle trade winds caress the island to make any activity quite comfortable.

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