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10 Countries That Don't Get The Recognition They Deserve

Published 2 years ago on November 1, 2017
By Hugo

While tourists hotspots like France and Spain continue to thrive, The Travel Lane has decided to take a look at some countries that don't quite get the recognition they deserve.

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Of course, countries plagued by long-standing wars and political turmoils have understandably seen a decline in tourism, but that doesn't mean we still can't see the beauty in these countries and highlight their rich histories and diverse landscapes. 

Here are 10 countries that don't get the recognition they deserve.

1. Bolivia

When you think of South America, the nations that come to mind first are likely to be Brazil and Argentina. But if you change your destination to Bolivia, not only will you be surrounded by fewer tourists and more locals, but you'll also have just a good a time for half the price.


That's not to say that tourist traps don't exist in Bolivia, as the increasingly popular salt flats of Salar de Uyuni prove, but if you head off the tourist trail, and into Tupiza, you'll be able to take in the breathtaking Andean landscape, while those seeking a good party needn't look any further than the capital La Paz. 

And with the country located a remarkable 3,560 meters (11,875 feet) above sea level, the alcohol in your system works a lot faster, though we're sure cheaper liquor also plays a part.

2. Tuvalu

The South Pacific Islands are synonymous with a tropical paradise we all long to experience, but for most of us, the sequestered geographical standing of these tiny islands means that they are incredibly expensive to reach.

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However, if money is no object, we recommend you skip the tourist hotspots in Fiji and head two hours north to the phantasmagorical island of Tuvalu. A hidden gem, you'll be sure to feel more like a lucky castaway than a tourist.

3. Iraq

The Iraqi capital Baghdad has long been thought of as the birthplace of mathematics and was once deemed the Cultural Capital of the world, with a significant share of the world's trade and commerce coming through the country's historic capital during the 8th and 9th centuries.

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Iraq is also the Cradle of Civilization, a term ascribed by historians and academics owing to the country being home to the earliest known form of civilization, the Sumerian civilization. 

Now war-torn and occupied in some quarters by ISIS fighters, the downfall of this once culturally-rich and vibrant nation is a great shame, especially when you consider that the country was booming less than four decades ago thanks to a hike in oil prices.

4. Sierra Leone

Much of Africa still bears the scares of French and British colonialism that sucked precious resources from a continent so naturally rich in them, but without going too far into the past, Africa appears to be on the mend, and Sierra Leone is one such example.


With tawny sanded beaches and bucolic countryside, visitors of a more adventurous disposition will find ample rock climbing and hiking opportunities, while there are many cycling trails around the northern highlands.

5. Venezuela

Homicide and poverty may have besieged Venezuela in recent years but there's still a great country to be seen should you choose not to let reports from Western news outlets deter you.

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Though dangerous in some quarters, the capital Caracas has a range of nightlife options and the natives pride themselves on not only having a good time but also looking out for tourists who find themselves heading to the more feared parts of the capital.

Away from the capital, a broad range of attractions such as the Sierra Nevada National Park await, including the white sanded beaches of Morrocoy National Park.

6. Moldova

While it may be Europe's third-least visited nation, Moldova has an abundance of beautiful countryside to take in, while its wine tours are second to none.


In fact, Moldova boasts the largest wine cellar on Earth, MileČ™tii Mici, which is home to over two million wine bottles! If that isn't enough of a reason to visit this charming little country, we don't know what is 

7. Nicaragua

The volcanic island is a budget-friendly country and is also a great place to visit if you don't want to find yourself grossly out-of-pocket upon your return home.

Shutterstock/ James Wagstaff

Located in Central America, the weather is good all year round, and as the island is small, it can be seen relatively quickly, with the colonial buildings of Granada and shimmering blue waters of Laguna de Apoyo a highlight for most visitors.

8. Albania

Much like Nicaragua, Albania isn't exactly synonymous with tourism, but the Hidden Pearl of Europe is a much cheaper alternative to nearby Greece and Italy. 

Shutterstock/ Aleksandar Todorovic

Albania also possesses a gorgeous Mediterranean coastline while its capital, Tirana, is steeped in history, with most of the culture and architecture inspired by their past ties with the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian Empires. 

For that Instagram-perfect picture, climb to the top of Mount Dajti, where a bird’s-eye view of the city awaits.

9. Bhutan

There aren't too many amenities on offer in Bhutan, but if you're seeking a spiritual awakening, then Bhutan might just be your calling.

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As one of the few remaining Buddhist kingdoms on Earth, there are countless temples and monasteries set deep within the mountains, and the further you venture, the more at one you'll become with the tranquillity of the country. 

10. Dominica

As the least-visited country in the Carribean, Dominica is incredibly cheap to visit, despite the small island being home to the brilliant Waitukubuli National Trail, a mecca for hikers.

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Also home to the World Creole Music Festival, as well as a litany of beachside bars and restaurants, it's little wonder visitors prefer to keep this dark horse a secret.

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